Cat is a DJ? Cat likes reggae sounds

Cat is a DJ? Cat likes reggae sounds

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Some cats have a heart for business, others have a heart for music: Like this little tiger, who discovered reggae music for himself and tries out as a DJ. The little "Cat Marley" has not really got the hang of it - maybe he should better let his paws off the turntable?

It is round, it moves, and the tabby velvet paw also seems to like the reggae sound - so go for the turntable. To the sounds of reggae legend Bob Marley, this animal DJ wants to prove that cats can "scratch" more than just on the sofa and wallpaper.

Initially, Cat Marley also seems to have a good paw for turning the vinyl disc. But it doesn't take long before the tables turn and the tiger cat falls victim to the platter. Visibly irritated, she keeps turning in circles and will probably give up her DJ career - but her heart will continue to beat for reggae and Bob Marley.

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