How to deal with neighbors aggressive dog

How to deal with neighbors aggressive dog

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How to deal with neighbors aggressive dog

I live on a quiet residential street in a quiet neighborhood. My neighbor is a very aggressive owner who owns 3 aggressive dogs. Their biggest dog is a pitbull. When it's loose, it tries to get into my yard and chase other dogs (especially other dogs). How can I get this dog to stop?

I love dogs. But, their behavior is very bad. They will even bark to warn my 3 dogs. We don't have a fenced in yard and neighbors dogs will get out and they chase the smaller dogs in the street. They bark at cars and the kids playing. I don't know how to get this problem fixed.

I've had a Pitbull and an Rottweiler since I moved in over 5 years ago. We've had dogs for years before this but now we have 3 large dogs. I just moved and now I have 3 small children. The Rottweiler was aggressive so we had her spayed and we still have her. My pitbull has been neutered and he has calmed down. We have not really had a problem with any other neighbors in our new neighborhood. He is a year old and has never been aggressive. He has an older female pitbull, that I suspect was a puppy when my daughter was around 4. She is a year old now and very ld back. The neighbor who moved in 2 years ago has one female dog and is usually gone. This neighbor has 3 male dogs that are all about 3 to 4 years old. They are about 25 lbs. They run around and bark at each other and at the neighbors dogs. I've talked to the neighbor and have tried to tell her that the 3 male dogs are too old for 3 dogs to be in a household. She sd she would not have them spayed and sd that they were not too old to keep them. She also has dogs that are between 6-8 years old. The dogs have been to the vet for their shots and they are vaccinated. Do I have any other choice other than to call Animal control?

My only concern is if I should have let them be spayed. I think I would have if I knew what I was getting into. I've had the 2 older female dogs (pitbulls) for a few years now and didn't know they were spayed. I think I knew they had been but didn't know the date of the spay and didn't think much about it. It was when I was talking to the neighbor who has just moved in 2 years ago that she sd they were up to date on their shots. If they were spayed I feel that it would help them live better lives. They used to be in a house that was too small and she sd it wasn't good for them to live there any longer. I think it would be better for the entire neighborhood to have them spayed. We had a big fight over this when I moved in 5 years ago. I have now learned the rules of the neighborhood and respect them. This is my first time as a neighbor to have an issue. I am very concerned if I had given my neighbor a call. Do you think I would have done it? What should I have done?

Hello. A number of things have happened since you posted and more things are developing all the time. For example, if you did call animal control, then the very first thing they would do is send an officer to your home to investigate and see if it is, in fact, your dog that is barking and how you would like to handle it. After doing that, they would make a report and if it was determined that you had not been negligent in not mntning control of the dogs, then the case would be closed. Now, if, as in this case, an officer finds an aggressive dog running loose and not under your control, then the case would continue. An aggressive dog will not hesitate to kill and bite a person if they think it is necessary.

It is not your responsibility to take care of these dogs for you neighbor, and if you had, you would have just opened a can of worms.

As for the neighbor who had the dogs and you are concerned for their safety, you are correct in your assumption that they would not have called you if you had done nothing.

We are always avlable to assist you with questions about the laws in the state of Utah. Here is our hotline number: (800) 874-6861

You have a serious problem on your hands and do realize you are legally liable if the animals attack someone. You have two options and you have to take your time to choose the one that you think will keep the most trouble for you. One is to sue the neighbor, which would mean putting a lot of time, money, stress, and heartache into a situation that could have been resolved in a very polite and considerate way. The second choice would be to have animal control come out and handle the situation. The third choice would be to keep the situation private and see what happens next. If nothing happens within 24 hours of the initial complnt, then you would assume it was just a misunderstanding and just forget about it. If within 48 hours, then you would call animal control and wt for them to come out. If more than 48 hours, then call agn. I would recommend that you speak to the neighbor and expln that you could see that the dogs were not properly cared for and you do not want them outside and think they may need to be put down. If that is the case, then you will just call animal control for help and let them take care of it. If they decide to take the dogs away and have them euthanized, then you will get charged with cruelty and be sued for $250 for each day they were there. If you are thinking about doing that, then you should at least get a lawyer and not do it alone. If you let your lawyer take care of that for you, then you will be glad that you did not give in to your emotions and start a legal battle. You do not want to lose out on that amount of money.

How can I get the neighbor to stop allowing their dog outside in the neighborhood?

It is very important that you remn calm and assertive. Try to find the right moment to speak to the neighbor about the issue. If the neighbor is having a particularly bad day or they have just returned from a trip, then this might be the time to discuss the situation. If it is possible, I recommend that you speak with the neighbor when they are outside of their home. Many people like to use their dogs as a means to get out their frustration and will not hear you if they are in the middle of something. If you are going to speak to the neighbor at a time when they are outside, then you should keep it short and sweet. You do not want to be aggressive with the neighbor. It is best to remn calm and to try to remn nice and pleasant. Say something to the neighbor, but try not to argue or yell. Most likely, the neighbor has already seen your


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