Dogs can t look up

Dogs can t look up

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Dogs can t look up, they can’t go down, they can’t bend over, they can’t go to the bathroom, they can’t lie down, and they are completely defenseless!

This list is a compilation of the most commonly used animal fighting terms. This list is not meant to be comprehensive, and it was created for the purposes of discussion.

You’ll notice that not all animal fighting terms are covered in this list, however, the animal fighting terminology that has been discussed most often in the news will be covered.

In the end, it was decided that this list is only for entertainment purposes and isn’t meant to be taken seriously.

1. “Dogfighting”

When someone uses the term “dogfighting”, it is generally used to mean that a dog is being used in an organized, organized dogfighting match.

In this match, the purpose is to show off the fighting skills of the dogs involved.

2. “Pitbull”

The term pitbull was coined because it was widely believed that the dog that the first owner called the pitbull was the first dog bred for fighting.

However, it is now commonly used to describe any dog that has the appearance of being a pit bull.

3. “Bully”

Bully is a colloquial name for an aggressive dog.

4. “Bulldog”

This is a reference to the appearance of the dog, specifically the thick and strong legs.

5. “Bull Mastiff”

Bullmastiff is a dog that looks like a bulldog, but has the strength of a mastiff.

The Mastiff and bulldog look-alikes are known as the “Mastiff” and the “Pit Bull”, respectively.

6. “Bully Mastiff”

Bully mastiff is a mixture of the “Bull Mastiff” and the “Bully”.

This term is more of a joke because it is difficult to imagine a dog that is more aggressive than the Bully, the Bullmastiff, and the Bulldog.

7. “Cockfighting”

Cockfighting refers to a fighting match that involves roosters.

8. “Pitbull Terrier”

The pitbull terrier is a mixture of the American Pit Bull Terrier and the English Bulldog.

9. “Rottweiler”

This term refers to any large breed of dog, but is typically associated with the Rottweiler.

Rottweilers are extremely powerful, but are also known for being extremely aggressive.

10. “Coyote”

Coyotes are small dogs with long ears that were originally bred as hunting dogs, but have been used in the animal fighting industry.

11. “Cocker Spaniel”

The Cocker Spaniel is a small dog that was originally bred for hunting.

Today, it is also often used to hunt pheasants and other birds.

12. “Doberman”

The Doberman is a breed of dog that originated in Germany and is a large, muscular dog.

13. “Dogs of War”

The Dogs of War are a group of dogs that are trained to fight.

The Dogs of War are used to fight against other animals in organized matches.

The dogs are given names, including “Goliath” and “Jude”.

14. “Fenced”

Fenced refers to an area in which two dogs can engage in an attack.

15. “Mare”

Mares are female horses.

16. “Horse”

The horse is a domesticated animal that has been bred over many years to be used in farming and other agricultural activities.

17. “Stallion”

A stallion is a male horse that is bred for breeding purposes.

A mare that is a female horse, but is not a breeding mare, is a broodmare.

18. “Mare”

The mare is a female horse.

19. “Breeders”

Breeders are the people that are involved in breeding dogs.

This is a very small number of people, usually family members that breed dogs for other people, so it is not surprising that the term “breeders” is used so commonly.

20. “Kitten”

The kitten is a very young baby animal that is typically between 2-6 months old.

21. “Seal”

Seal refers to an elephant seal that is a species of seal that is native to the waters of the Southern Ocean.

22. “Bear”

The bear is a large, hairy carnivorous mammal.

23. “Dog”

The dog is a domesticated animal that is usually a member of the family Canidae.

This includes members such as the Great Dane, the German Shepherd, and the Chihuahua.

24. “Mink”

The mink is a small animal that is very similar to a weasel, and is native to North America.

25. “Fox”

The fox is a large animal that is native to the Eurasian continent.

26. “Coyote”

The coyote is a small dog that was originally bred to hunt.

However, coyotes have been bred for fighting and are now used in organized fights with other animals.

27. “Mongoose”

The mongoose is a member of the weasel family.

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