How to unstick a dog after mating

How to unstick a dog after mating

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How to unstick a dog after mating

A lot of my fellow dog owners who have read about my dog's reproductive condition of vulvodynia have said to me, "But your dog is so nice and affectionate. How could it be an STD?"

First, I will point out that my dog is a mixed breed, and thus he is neither a Chihuahua nor a Yorkshire Terrier. She also exhibits a few other behaviors associated with vulvodynia such as being very aggressive toward my other female dog and me, and she has a vulvar vestibular paresthesia. If she is not treated with antibiotics, she will be taken to the emergency room if her vulva becomes inflamed.

The problem is that some of my friends (who did not know about her diagnosis), mistook her behavior as being due to affectionate dog-dog play.

I have been working with her for the past several months, and I've managed to change her into the sweet dog I knew her to be. One of the things I do in my daily training routine is to use my dog, a Labrador, as a model for me. To make this easier, I trained my dogs to walk in "her" steps:

She walks on her toes in a straight line

She walks slower than the other dogs

She turns her head from side to side

She does not turn her head to the front or the back of her companion dog

She also does not bark unless I ask her to, which I make sure to do once in a while. In the past, she would often bark if another dog approached or moved into her space. She also walks backwards to inspect the items in her path. I call this her "dog-dog inspection routine". The result of all this is that my dogs can walk next to each other and my house guests will not confuse one for the other. I can tell the dogs apart by their sizes. My Lab is taller and heavier, and can run farther.

The other side of the coin is that I know she is also a bit of a princess, but to some people she may seem that way. I cannot stand the way people often pet her or cuddle her.

I would like to tell my friends and acquaintances the reason for this behavior. That is, when they are affectionate towards her, she might come across as being less affectionate to other dogs. I would like them to understand that this is a good thing, and if they want to show her affection, it is more than welcome, just as it is with all my dogs. As long as I'm the only one to show her affection, she'll be more than happy.

Please help me figure out a way to get my friends to understand that this is a positive trait.


I just want to encourage you not to worry about this, because your friends are probably more observant of her than you are. You don't have to force your friends to acknowledge the real dog, the friendliness is more than enough.

Just continue to go on with your life like she's the real dog and not a person. And remember your dog needs you, too. ,)


I think that all your friends are simply more observant of her than you are.

They notice that her posture is relaxed, that she is less inhibited than you are, that she is more friendly than you are, and so on.

They just realize that she is a different kind of being. It doesn't mean they hate you, and it doesn't mean that they are unkind. It just means that they are in a different mode. And it's your dog's job to recognize their mode and adapt to it.

Don't try to make them notice that the "real dog" is the friendliness. It's not necessary. It's important for you to realize that they've noticed, though. Don't worry about being the one who explains that this is the right attitude to take. And don't worry about trying to force this point. It just takes time.

The more you're able to relax and live with this, the more comfortable and happier you'll be. And your dog will feel comfortable and happier, too.

One day your dog may decide to express herself more. But if she does, then all you need to do is smile and go on with your life. You can be glad that she chose to express herself in a way you prefer. And she's the one who has to deal with the unpleasantness that could have happened if she were to choose not to express herself in that way.


You and your friends have already noticed that your friendliness with her has a different quality. But that does not mean you need to talk to anyone else about it. You don't have to say a thing, and it is fine for your friendliness to be as you want it.

Sometimes people get jealous of another person's friends, or feel that a person's friends are too nice to them, or that the person likes to spend their time with friends and their life with people, and so they try to find ways to change the personality or habits of their friend. This can even happen in friendships between adult human adults, not just among children. The person might try to manipulate the friend or change the friend's behaviour so they can "control" them more.

The main thing to remember here is that you are the only person who can control your feelings, your thoughts and your habits. Nothing else controls you.

That means that you should not worry about "someone" wanting to change the personality or behaviour of your friend, or you feeling upset. Because it is you that is in control of your feelings, your thoughts and your behaviour. It is fine if you are just happy in yourself, if that is all you need. It is also fine if you just want to spend time with your friends or play with your friends, or do nothing.

If your friend is trying to change the way you behave, then the first thing to remember is that you are the one who controls your feelings, thoughts and habits. Nothing else controls you, so even if you are doing the wrong things, you can stop. If you don't control yourself, nobody can control you.

The next thing to remember is that if you don't think a person's behaviour is wrong or not appropriate, then you don't need to say anything.

If you really care about a friend and you don't want that person to change, you can talk to them about it. And if they are still determined to change you, you have to decide what you can change, what you can't change, and what you have to let go of.

You are not alone in this. The reason why you're having this problem is because of your thoughts and feelings. So the best thing is to talk to a friend about what is upsetting you, and talk about how you feel and why. Once you get out all that, you may start to feel better.

Another thing is to do something, just do something. It doesn't matter what, as long as it takes your mind off what's upsetting you, so go for a walk, take a few hours for yourself, play a video game, have a glass of wine, eat a meal, exercise, write a blog, do some research or read. Just do something different, so

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