Please be patient i have autism hat cat

Please be patient i have autism hat cat

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Please be patient i have autism hat cat in the house and i am having troubles with my internet, so i'm doing all I can to avoid going online

I don't have any experience with autism, but I'd like to offer some encouragement about going it alone. My oldest son is very autistic. He had many special educational needs and we were always on the look out for an ASD (autism spectrum disorder). My younger son has none of those special needs. We just thought he was a bit slow. I'm happy to say my older son, now in his mid-thirties is doing well in employment.

Your younger son sounds very much like mine. My son was also slow, but we didn't know it until much later in life. My first son was the easiest child I've ever had. My second son was very shy and would not even speak to anyone. He has slowly recovered over the years and is now married with two daughters. He only talks if I need him to.

My daughter on the other hand, was pretty much a social wreck until she went to an ASD support group when she was young. She is a sweet, sensitive little thing, but it's a battle to get her to talk to strangers. But at least she can now be a part of society.

Just remember, whatever happens you are not alone. We have been all through this, together. And you can overcome.

Hi I'm sorry to hear about your son, he sounds very much like my eldest son. I only know of the issues he has because he's autistic and it took me a very long time to put things together about his issues. Like you I had my fears that he'd not understand normal relationships but he has now married and I feel more relaxed. We never thought my younger son would be like he is but the more you try to 'normalise' things the more you can find out about the person.

I really hope your younger son does better, I too am a little nervous about my youngest daughter. She's a very sensitive person.

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This is very interesting. For the past 18 years I have tried everything to help my sons be able to make friends. I have had three kids, now two of them are adults. My youngest who is 20 is now single and living at home. It breaks my heart to see him so sad and depressed. I am wondering what has happened since he had those friends. My son lost his job recently. I am trying to get him a better job but the school system doesn’t help. I have tried everything, friends of friends, the church even the principal. I want my son to make friends, it’s hard to do by myself. I feel that maybe he is ashamed of himself. I am going to try to go back to the school and find out what has happened to his friends. I hope you find some tips.

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