Kitten Bun Bun poses on camera

Kitten Bun Bun poses on camera

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"When I grow up, I'll be a star!" Does this fluffy white kitten think as soon as the camera is pulled out? The little bun bun is already in pose - this cute video shows how cute it looks.

Bun Bun is only five weeks old, but already a real star. In everyday life, the little Exotic Shorthair cat behaves normally, but in front of the camera it makes the most funny contortions.

Bun Bun lives with her siblings in a large house with lots of toys. When the little cat lets off steam here, the weirdest situations arise - sometimes it almost looks as if Bun Bun is dancing. And sometimes the little one even barks almost like a dog. If you want to become a real YouTube star, you can start early.

Exotic Shorthair Cat: Garfield's Relatives

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