The most bizarre animals in the world: from proboscis to barnacle

The most bizarre animals in the world: from proboscis to barnacle

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These specimens are real exotics among the animal species: In the picture series we show some of the most bizarre animals on our planet. Elephant shrew: has a funny "elephant trunk" - Image: Shutterstock / Riaan van den Berg

Naked mole rat: One of the most bizarre animals ever - Image: Shutterstock / belizar Proboscis monkey: The male monkeys have a very grotesque olfactory organ - Image: Shutterstock / Kjersti Joergensen Armadillo: The funny looking tank serves as protection - Image: Shutterstock / MarclSchauer Liger: A bizarre cross between tiger and lion - Image: Shutterstock / Ipatov Elephant shrew: has a funny "elephant trunk" - Image: Shutterstock / Riaan van den Berg

Evolution is actually a game child: it tests and tries and tests. Sometimes the result in nature is almost perfect, sometimes something goes wrong. In our Top 5, we present five of the most bizarre animals in the world that evolution didn't mean quite so well, to say the least. At the top of the list of the strangest animals is a real classic: the naked mole rat. The rodent that lives in columns and likes to dig itself into the ground - it obviously knows what it looks like - looks like a rat without hair. Proboscis monkeys will certainly not win any beauty pageants either. As the name suggests, the monkey's distinguishing feature is its extremely funny cucumber-shaped nose, which only the males have. Since they still end up with the females, their inner values ​​must be exceptional.

Armadillos and elephant shrews

The armadillo also has a very unusual appearance. The mammal's armor surrounds almost the entire body and consists of horn and bone plates. However, the plates have a meaning: When in danger, the animals contract like turtles or hedgehogs. The largest of the most bizarre animals is the Liger, a cross between a male lion and a female tiger. However, the stately animals do not occur in the wild, but are bred as a tourist attraction - so mother nature has had little influence here. Last but not least, the elephant shrew is worth mentioning. The animal, also known as the proboscis, also has a particularly strange-looking nose. Although the animals look grotesque rather than aesthetic - they are still cute - researchers believe that the animals were the inspiration for cave drawings of the head of the ancient Egyptian god Seth, the god of astronomy and nature.

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  • 25-03-2014 09:03:49

    sabinewulf96: Oh, I've never seen the animal before. But the name naked mole rat really fits 1A. I hope I will never run into this little one either. Report abuse
  • person

    26-02-2014 09:02:27

    mauricekuhne: Uh, that's really borderline. I would like to say that the naked mole rat is not necessarily one of the most beautiful animals. ;) Report abuse
  • 06-02-2014 23:02:13

    sabineschul: I actually think all animals are cute but the naked mole rat is really difficult to look at. I also find the animal slightly scary. Report abuse
  • 02-02-2014 22:02:06

    biancasturmer16: The naked mole rat is really not one of the prettiest animals. I would be really scared if the animal suddenly stood in front of me. Not really nice. Report abuse
  • 23-01-2014 23:01:57

    simonethalberg: But the animal doesn't exactly look beautiful. I have never heard of a naked mole rat. But the name fits. The little one can actually be pretty sorry. Report abuse
  • 13-06-2013 22:06:33

    lauragartne: I've never heard of a proboscis before. That is not really a beautiful animal. Somehow it scares me too easily. I hope that the animal will never come across me. Report abuse

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