How many satin balls to feed dog

How many satin balls to feed dog

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How many satin balls to feed dog a week?

I have a small rescue kennel and I would like to know how many balls do I feed a week to the dogs. I've been feeding my dogs with food that is not all that high in calories and I'm concerned that if I feed a large number of satin balls I might give them too much. I feed them on a weekly schedule. The kennel is very small, I feed 6 dogs (4 females, 2 males) in one crate. They are fed 1/2 cup of food that is about 1 1/2 cups in total each day. I feed each dog 1 ball on the ground and then add a second ball to the crate after 30 minutes or so. I have been doing this for several weeks. They are very happy dogs. Do I need to do anything else to help keep them healthy? I have been using 1 satin ball each time.

What is a satin ball? Is it a small ball with lots of small, non-meat treats in it? I'm just learning about the dog treats in general and I don't think I've heard of satin balls but I just don't know much about it. My husband said it sounds like a dog treats bag for a small dog and a very small bag at that. My dog isn't small, she's a medium sized dog. I'm just concerned that I might be over feeding her.

You are right, satin balls are small treats with no meat in them. They have a good amount of protein and I think that's the biggest benefit. A lot of treats that are available in stores for dogs can be very high in fat and not that much protein. I can't tell you how many treats my dog has eaten in the last month or so because she's been getting so many treats. I feed her treats like peanut butter sticks, cheese cubes and little morsels of meat. These are all low in calories, but they can be high in protein. I'd hate to do this to a small dog. I'd like to hear how many treats your dog eats per week and if they are high in fat, protein or something else.

Hi Linda. I read that satin balls are best for small dogs. I don't have any small dogs. I have a 1 1/2 year old male Chihuahua. He eats the little morsels of meat I have left in the fridge. If I'm not there, he eats what's in the house. I am afraid he'll eat a lot of these treats if I don't keep the freezer stocked with something like meat. He seems to have a good appetite and he likes to play with the balls. He's never been sick. I think that a good rule of thumb is to feed a 1 to 3-year-old puppy between 5 to 15 balls. I'm going to go out and buy some satin balls for him. He gets 1 ball a week when I'm at work. I'm concerned about how many he'll eat. What do you feed your little one?

My male is 6.8 years old and my female is 4 years. They eat 1 ball each per week. You could double that but I wouldn't feed them that much of a treat. It's okay to feed them treats like peanut butter or meat, they love them. I like the Satin balls they are cheaper than the other brands and last longer. You could also get the larger satin balls they are less dense and make a big difference in the amount of treats that are in a ball.

When feeding, be mindful that small dogs are not just small in size, but also in their energy level. They will eat more quickly if they have the opportunity. They will also get a little more exercise if the treats are given to them after exercise. But again, keep in mind the size difference, and don't over feed them.

It seems to me that this is something that the OP might want to discuss with his vet or someone familiar with small dogs, but I agree with Linda and the other respondents that there is no need to stress out about this. They eat treats, they play with them, they have good appetites, they don't look overly full at mealtime. They are all pretty happy dogs and, again, I don't think they need to be underfed.

This question may be very important if it's in reference to a specific food, but if it's about general guidelines, I don't think that the amount of a treat that your dog eats is something to obsess over. It sounds like he eats well on his normal dog food and treats.

Thanks for the replies. It sounds like it's just the satin balls and the morsels of meat I'm feeding my little Chihuahua that I'm worried about because he can eat a lot of that stuff. I'm going to talk to him about his diet. It sounds like there's nothing to worry about with the amount of treats he's getting.

Yes, I do worry about the amount of food that he eats. He's very active, he's always on the go and he does have a bit of a stomach problem. I've just never had the heart to get a vet to look at him because he doesn't have any symptoms.

I'm thinking of getting a couple more balls for him so I can give him more treats. He's just a very friendly, happy little guy. I don't want him to get too fat.

That is a good sized dog. He should be fine with a 1 ball. I feed my dogs 3 satin balls a week, but I think that if your dog is active and plays a lot, they can go longer with less treats. Mine go for 2 hours every day and they seem fine.

Thanks for the replies. The vet said that he doesn't look too thin and she didn't mention any other problems. I'm going to get a couple more satin balls for him. He'll probably eat more if I have more treats. I'm glad that there are no problems. He seems to be a pretty healthy dog.

I feed mine the same thing as you, 2

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