Flea products for dogs: which are there?

Flea products for dogs: which are there?

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If the dog has fleas, it is a nuisance. A good reason to get rid of them as soon as possible! Or even better: not giving them a chance at all. There are these flea agents for effective flea control. Practice early, this little Australian Sheperd thinks on his first big dog walk - Image: Shutterstock / Zuzule

Cross-country with the dog: off through the middle!

Flea products can be used in various ways. For prevention, treating flea infestation, or both. It is best to get advice from your veterinarian about which remedy is best for your dog and whether special prevention is necessary in your area or not.

The flea comb is an accessory that should not be missing in any dog ​​household. It provides quick and easy security about whether a four-legged friend is infected with the annoying parasites. Even if you live in an area where the risk of flea infestation is low, you should occasionally check your favorite's fur for fleas and flea eggs so that you can act quickly if the worst comes to the worst.

A flea and tick collar is a common and inexpensive means of protecting your four-legged friend from annoying parasites. It is particularly easy to use, can be worn next to the normal collar and should have a practical long-term effect of up to eight months.

2. Prevention and flea control

Quick help for fleas and helpful for prevention: Your veterinarian will probably give you spot-on drops in the event of an acute flea infestation. You can also order them online and drip them on the neck of your four-legged patient according to the instructions. From there, the active ingredient spreads through the animal's skin and gives fleas, ticks, lice and their offspring no chance.

A flea shampoo also offers quick help in the event of flea infestation and, after the animal has been washed, a few days of protection against the parasites being attacked again. After you have washed the dog thoroughly with the shampoo, you should be able to easily comb the dead fleas out of their fur using a flea comb.

3. Ambient spray in case of flea infestation

A flea shampoo also works in the event of a very strong flea infestation if the parasites have already spread around the house and have nestled in carpets, other textiles and corners of the room. Follow the instructions on the purchased product carefully or get advice from your veterinarian before using the spray to tackle fleas, their larvae and other nuisances.

In addition, so-called "foggers" ensure that their surroundings become flea-free. They fog house and apartment to fight bugs that should not dare to enter the house for the next six months. On the packaging you will find information on how many square meters the nebulizer is suitable for.

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