Like some cats crossword clue

Like some cats crossword clue

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Like some cats crossword clue

"Like some cats crossword clue" is a crossword puzzle clue from the Crossword Book.


1. Pardon (7)

2. Filing cabinet (7,11,19,29,30)

3. Posh (5)

4. Spoken in (4,19)

5. Harsh (4)

6. Swaggering (5)

7. Unpleasant (4,5)

8. Narrow (4)

9. Bury (7,19,30)

10. Inclined to give (4)

11. Fetching (5)

12. In (4)

13. In your (5)

14. Prefer (7,8)

15. Tried to (4,5,6)

16. Dislike (5)

17. Not easy (5)

18. Sausages (5,7)

19. Browsing (4)

20. A few (4)

21. Pressed into (5)

22. Fierce (5,6,7)

23. Tossing (5,6,7)

24. A short distance (6)

25. Daring (5,6)

26. A few (4,5)

27. Biting (5,6,7)

28. Gave (4)

29. Sparse (6)

30. Spooky (4,5,7,8)


1. A "yes" (4)

2. Narrow (4)

3. One of the great (4,5)

4. Litter box (4)

5. To have (5)

6. Fleece (4,6)

7. A few (5,6,8)

8. Wearing (4,6,7)

9. A "no" (4)

10. A couple (4,6,8)

11. Lazy (4)

12. A little (4,5)

13. To be (5)

14. To be a (4)

15. To be on (4,6)

16. To fall (6,7)

17. A "little" (6)

18. To play (4)

19. To run (6,7,8)

20. On (4,6,7)

21. To see (4,6,7)

22. A "few" (6)

23. To wear (4,6,8)

24. A good (5)

25. Up (4,5,6)

26. To be sure (6)

27. To do (5,6)

28. A "little" (6)

29. It's (4,5)

30. He or she (4,6,7)

31. A few (6,7)

32. The more (4,6)

33. To have (6)

34. It's (4,5)

35. A "few" (6,7)

36. The more (4,6)

37. It's (4,6,7)

38. A lot (4,6,8)

39. The less (4,5)

40. The better (4)

41. To run (6,7,8)

42. It's (6)

43. She or he (4,6,7)

44. To do (6)

45. The less (4,6)

46. The better (4)

47. The more (4,6,7)

48. To hear (4,5,6)

49. The less (4,5,6)

50. The better (4,5,6)


This is the first time I have ever tried to come up with questions to ask the kid I'm dating to try to see what sort of personality he or she has (I'm very much at a loss here), and it's actually coming out pretty well so far.

I'm not sure if anyone would even read this and think I'm crazy, but I've been reading in some sort of dream journal that I've had about the kid I'm dating since early January and I was just wondering if anyone else was ever doing anything like this, and if so what sort of results they were getting.

I was thinking about the questions you suggested I ask, I don't think I have any really good questions for this type of information, but I will try to add more detls about the kid in question.

This is going to be a little long, but I wanted to give you all some background so you'll have some context for the rest of the questions.

The girl I'm dating is 15 years old, and this is her second time on an online dating site after she told me she had never had an interest in online dating (her first time was through a friend who she told me about earlier) She's a 16 year old girl, who was rsed in a very wealthy family, and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. She attends a private school and is involved in lots of activities.

Right now, we're just really trying to figure out how we're going to work with each other in the future, and so right now I'm her boyfriend, and she's been telling me things like "I'm sure you're really awesome, but you're just not my type", and "maybe you should just focus on your grades and leave me alone", and etc...

Basically, she was just hinting that she just wants to be friends, and even goes as far as telling me that she thinks I'm a "little weird" and "a weirdo". We were in a relationship about a month ago, and she's not been very interested in having sex. When I went to try and talk to her about my feelings, she shut me down pretty hard. And then we broke up...

She also seems to have all of the qualities of someone who is not interested in an exclusive relationship with me. For example, in a previous relationship she's been interested in lots of boys, but when I tried talking to her about it she was really uncomfortable (and told me to let her be)...

She also seems to be jealous of all the boys that I've talked to on here before her... If I ever went on a date with another girl, I don't think she'd be very pleased.

She seems to have changed a lot since then... and seems really interested in me right now. For example, she gave me a big hug last night, something she has never done before...

I'm not sure how to proceed from here. I just feel really hurt that she doesn't want a relationship with me. She seems to not want to talk about my feelings, or to talk to me. I just don't know what to do...

What is your goal for this relationship with her? I see a lot of uncertnty in the way you write about this. In general you sound like you are looking for a girl that wants to be with you exclusively (I'm not sure if that's her goal for you, I don't know what your goals are). What is your goal with her?

When was this relationship started? What was the reason for it? Is there some sort of relationship that you might be thinking

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