Can dog urine be used to pass a drug test

Can dog urine be used to pass a drug test

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Can dog urine be used to pass a drug test? Yes, of course. I do it all the time. My dog has had drugs taken out of his system on several occasions, and all it took was a quick pee to do the job.

In the case of human drug tests, however, there's little chance that you'll be able to get away with it. The majority of urine tests are performed on-site, using the Quantitative Urine Drug Screen (QUDST) process. In these tests, the sample is combined with a buffer solution that activates the reagents. This solution is made up of chemicals in the lab that cause the dye to bind to the metabolites of a number of drugs, resulting in a color change that's detectable with the testing instrument. If the urine sample has been exposed to any of these drugs, the QUDST process will produce a positive result. In fact, according to the federal government, about 85 to 95 percent of drugs can be detected in a standard urine test.1

What does this mean? If your dog has drugs in his system, the fact that you've been using dog urine to pass drug tests is pretty slim. Dog urine won't contn much of anything of any kind and won't affect the test. You need to use the most potent dog urine avlable.

How Much Is Enough?

Using a product that's too weak won't do the job. Even if you find a large quantity of dog urine in a retl store or an individual on the Internet, it won't work. Dog urine works by absorbing drugs, so you need to use enough for a concentrated amount to be in the system.

That's why it's critical that you purchase a product that's formulated correctly. You'll need to purchase one that's the highest quality you can find and have the ability to purchase more. You won't want to be stuck with a dog urine product that's not really very good. Of course, you'll also want a product that has the right concentration of dog urine. The concentration is critical for the effectiveness of dog urine. It will determine how much dog urine product you need to use to pass the urine test.

It's important to be sure that your dog urine contns no chemicals or artificial ingredients that could harm your dog or any of your family. You'll need to be certn that the product is free of these things.

The final factor that determines how much you need is how long it takes your dog to eliminate the drug. The faster a dog eliminates the drug, the more concentrated the urine has to be to test positive. Obviously, this is a time factor that affects how much you need for dog urine to work. And the strength of dog urine, which is also based on the time factor, has an effect on the concentration needed to pass the drug test.

For this reason, you should only purchase dog urine that contns sufficient strength. offers a product that is very effective. It's concentrated dog urine.'s dog urine product is formulated specifically to help eliminate drug-testing problems. The dog urine contns no chemicals or artificial ingredients that may cause harm. And it has been tested and proven effective.

This particular product has been used by thousands of dog owners and has proven to be an effective product that's easy to use and won't harm your dog in any way. offers the best dog urine products that are scientifically proven. Dog Urine Product is formulated to eliminate the scent of drug use in the urine of dogs. Use in your home or on your boat to help ensure your pet will pass his or her drug test when you take them to their drug test appointment.

The best way to help ensure your pet passes his or her drug test is to make sure the urine is strong and has been tested and proven to work.'s products are the best because they're:

Powered by Scientific Methodology

Tested in Real World Applications

The Best Dog Urine Avlable Today

All of these factors combine to give you the best dog urine on the market. will always go to great lengths to ensure their products work and that they have the best quality product that has been proven and tested. does not use anything that will damage your dog or harm him in any way. The concentrated dog urine is created from a safe, healthy formula of naturally sourced ingredients. And it has been tested and proven to work in the real world by thousands of dog owners. does not use dangerous chemicals to produce their dog urine.

Every product is formulated by a team of experts who strive to give you the best solution to clean your dog's urine. is the best dog urine products on the market, and we are confident you will be satisfied.

We all know how important it is to know our pet's prescription. is the only brand of dog urine that provides the prescription for every application. The information is provided as a courtesy so that your pet's doctor will know exactly how and why the product is being used.

With the information on, your pet's doctor will know exactly what his or her urine should look like in order to pass the drug test. He or she will also know that the solution is a safe, healthy option to keep the urine clean, odorless and pure.

Do your own research when choosing a drug testing solution. offers the best in the industry. We will be here to answer your questions. If you don't receive the response you want, we're happy to help. offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, we will take back any product you purchased within the first 30 days and refund your money. We truly stand behind our product. also offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We guarantee that your satisfaction is 100% and we will take any product back within the first 30 days if you are not completely satisfied. Your decision is guaranteed.

All dog urine products offered by are safe and healthy for your pet and human family members. We stand behind our products, and if there are any issues we will take care of it for you.

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