Walkers save an abandoned gang of cats

Walkers save an abandoned gang of cats

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The two walkers did not expect this encounter in this video: In the middle of the forest they meet a small, fluffy group of exposed kittens on a Sunday afternoon. The animal friends immediately decide to help the cute four-legged friends.

As cute as the little kittens are when they meet in the forest, the most important thing is that they need help. They are hungry, disheveled, dirty and totally exhausted. At home there is water and food for the brave little gang - they both seem to need it urgently. After the loving first aid and a visit to the veterinarian, the Findel kittens thaw properly and begin to play and slowly get used to it.

It is unknown who abandoned the four cuties, but it is certain that they were not born in the forest, because all of them are tame and very people-oriented. How nice that the difficult start in life had such a happy ending - who knows how it would have turned out if the brave walkers had not helped the animal children!

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