Do cats eat rats

Do cats eat rats

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Cats and rats are not good friends. Cats like to eat rats and every time a rat is killed, cats will come along to play with it instead of eating it.

Cats are considered cute pets by many people. And if you talk about the rodents, they are considered the most hated animals in the world. So, when it comes to cats and rats, one would always choose the rat over the cat. This is because rats are much more interesting to eat than cats.

So why do we say that cats eat rats?

To understand this statement better, let's recall a simple experiment that was carried out in England in 1894. The authors of this experiment asked a group of children to guess which of these two animals could be eaten by another animal - cat or rat!

The children chose to eat either cat or rat regardless if it was presented with either of them for an entire day or just for half a day! It doesn't matter whether you showed them only one

With the rise of , cats are becoming more and more different from rats. While rats are easy to capture and eat with their shape, cats are smart enough to avoid humans or other animals.

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Cats and rats are known to eat each other. However, cats and rats don’t really like to eat each other.

The cat and rat don’t like to eat each other because they belong to different families of animals. They have different food preferences. So, they can’t get along with each other very well even when they live in the same place.

So, the cat is never going to eat a rat if it comes across them in a cage together . In fact , the only time they will make an exception is when they are starving for food because if their food supply is interrupted or too much of it runs out , then it will not be a good idea for them to share a bite of food with a rat . It's therefore important that cats and rats

A cat eating a rat is not a good thing. It should be removed from the food chain.

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I’m a cat, and I do NOT eat rats.

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I was a cat.

I ate a rat.

I think cats eat rats because cats are very good at hiding and killing things. If I can do that, then no one would ever find me.

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These days, there are more than 80 million people worldwide who believe that cats do not eat rats although it is widely believed that they do. In 2015, researchers at Oxford University published an article in which they presented their findings about the “cat-eating rat conspiracy theory” which claimed that there were hundreds of thousands of feral cats living in central London, scavenging on rotting meat left over by the city's butcher shops. The theory

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