I triple dog dare you

I triple dog dare you

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I triple dog dare you!

What is a triple dog dare? I like to call it the triple dog dare because I wanted to start a new tradition, not unlike the ones that have become commonplace in other parts of the country. A triple dog dare is when three or more dogs, a friend, family member, or stranger, jump into the water.

I started my first triple dog dare in June of 2010. The second triple dog dare occurred in May of 2011 and has yet to slow down. I am so glad to have had two of these adventures on the banks of our beautiful East Fork of the Brazos River in the heart of Texas.

While the river is about as warm as bath water, the swims are not! I can’t recall anyone who enjoyed themselves more while in the water! I think of these as swimming lessons with a lot of fun, the instructors are my three dogs.

I know that you think I’m crazy but I think you need to consider my point of view. Let’s face it, you may live in the northeast, but your summers are cold. I believe it is time to change this. In Texas, the days are hotter. There are so many opportunities to jump into the water. I believe that you’re missing out on some of life’s greatest thrills!

I also believe that there are some things you just don’t do because it is agnst the law. You shouldn’t jump into a lake or a swimming pool or a mountn stream because it is agnst the law. Why not jump into the East Fork of the Brazos River when you’re on your way to the lake or swimming pool? If you don’t have any desire to jump in the water in your backyard, then where would you like to do it?

In addition, it is really a great way to be more physically active, because you’re actually moving. I think that jumping in the water is fun for many reasons but I also think that there is just something special about jumping in a swimming pool or a lake. It is a unique experience. You’re doing it because you are in the water, you’re not swimming, you’re wading. You’re not trying to go that far and you’re not trying to swim that far, you’re just trying to get up to your wst in the water, maybe your shoulders if you’re into that kind of thing.

You’re doing it because you are in the water. Your body is in the water. Your head is in the water. Your legs are in the water. Your hands are in the water. Everything is in the water. There is no barrier and there is no surface that you have to worry about. You are just in the water.

It’s fun! You are so immersed in the water.

As I mentioned, you are standing up. You are not trying to move your arms and legs and swim and you’re not necessarily trying to move in any kind of a purposeful manner. That’s not the whole story, but it’s a key component. It’s really just standing in the water. You are moving up and down and back and forth.

And when you’re in the water, there is no weight on your feet. I’m moving a lot of weight. There is a lot of weight on my legs, on my arms, my neck, my back. You have nothing on your feet. You’re standing on your feet. You’re not just standing on something. You are standing on your feet. You’re doing that because you’re in the water, but you’re moving in the water.

When I’m doing these movements, I feel like I am moving to and from the water. I feel like I’m doing some of my best stuff in the water. It’s kind of the best situation, the best way to work out. I have found that when I’m just standing in the water, I’m just in the water and I can do what I have to do. You’re not struggling with anything. You’re just in the water and you can do what you need to do in the water.

When I’m standing up in the water and I’m doing my best stuff, I feel like I’m getting results faster. I’m really going for the deep stuff when I’m in the water. In the pool I always have my goggles on. I always have a buoy on my chest. I always use that to push off of. But when I’m in the water and I’m doing the best stuff, I do it without the buoy and I just feel that energy come off my head. It’s there and it comes up from down there. When I’m in the water and I’m doing my best stuff, it’s kind of like, “Oh, man, I feel this in my head.” It’s this little feeling like something’s coming, like something special, a new level that I’m about to hit.

I’ve worked so hard this year. I’ve been doing all these things and so many things I’ve never done before, like I’ve never done a single-leg deadlift. I’ve never done a deep water single-leg deadlift. I’ve never done a single-leg split jerk before. I’ve never done these things. I’ve never learned them all before. I’ve been learning them all this year. I can’t believe that I’m in the position that I’m in now.

The first time I started deadlifting, I just had to be honest with myself. I didn’t know what my body could do. I was just trying to put weight on it. I had to kind of start at the top and just get down to that heavy-ass weight, all the way down to what I thought I could lift. That was my first year. I started off deadlifting for a barbell. At the beginning I just couldn’t do a single-leg split. I never even thought of that. I didn’t know that that was even possible. I was so happy when I did it the first time. Then I started to learn and get my technique down. So far in the last year I’ve learned everything I can, and it’s just been an eye-opener.

What you can do when you start deadlifting. Not only can I deadlift heavy. I could probably deadlift twice the amount I’m deadlifting right now if I put my mind to it. So I want to learn how to do that.

“The only way to get better at something is to try to take it as far as you can.”

How far did you think you could take it? You’ve been deadlifting pretty heavy, but it sounds like you’ve almost beat your old records?

Oh yeah, definitely. I have a new deadlift record now. I set the world record. It’s 531 pounds. The squat record is a lot lower than that, so I set it at 526 pounds. I also set a new standing record, 605.


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