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South coast working dog club

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South coast working dog club for a new member

Hey Guys,I had an experience this weekend that would be worth sharing. I had the pleasure of meeting a nice guy and his gorgeous working golden named "Cadence". He had a very unusual background and I'm hoping my story will help others understand where he came from.

Cadence and I met this year and he's an older guy (7 1/2 yrs) who had a litter of 5 pups. My first question to him was how did you get him? It turns out his mom had bit a guy while he was on a job and he had to have the litter. She wasn't trned so they were put up for adoption. Cadence was the first to find a home. He's a really big golden with so much character. Cadence came from the SCCAC where he got his working education. The guy had 2 other girls who were both already working when they got to the SCCAC. Cadence was in for the long haul and the guy's family was already using his sister for the job. So when Cadence went to work, he learned how to work and he did it well! They used him for some very hard construction jobs (moving dirt, cleaning up mud) all over Mne. Cadence was an outdoor dog until he was about 2 years old and he was a great worker who would work all day and night in snowstorms. I couldn't help but notice he was a bit off the wall and I had to wonder if his experiences and circumstances had somehow made him that way. He was one of those dogs who loved to eat. There was a time that I was visiting and the guy came home from work and handed me a plate of food. He sd this was for Cadence. He did it everyday. Sometimes he'd hand the plate to him and ask Cadence what he wanted to eat. It was sad, really sad. Cadence would eat every scrap of food on the plate because he loved his family.

On Cadence's last day at the SCCAC, he was given his final collar and a card with some important information. They told him if he got found, he was to be returned to the SCCAC. The family was happy to have him go to a good home. Of course they were sad that he was leaving. They wanted to keep him but they understood it was up to the family to take care of the dog.

Cadence was in a new home when we brought him to our house. He was a great boy with a great attitude. He loved to be outside. If he wasn't happy, he was whining and pacing. His life in the new home was not so good. The family that adopted him went away on vacation and left Cadence home. He spent the week in a garage with a window to walk around and some food and water. The garage door was closed and locked most of the time. His life was not good in the garage. Sometimes he'd break out of the garage and run down the street, hoping to be returned to his family.

We wanted to get him back to the SCCAC so we worked hard to figure out how to do it. Cadence would often follow us home from work. We would give him treats and spend a lot of time walking him around the block. On our last day at the SCCAC, I called the SCCAC and told them we would be bringing the dog home for the weekend.

When we got home with Cadence, the family immediately began searching for his owner. They thought the family was returning that day from vacation. There were no dog tags, no collar, nothing. It broke my heart to tell them the story. I had been walking him home and I could tell they were very upset. They were heart broken. After talking with them about where I found him, they told us they would be very upset if he wasn't returned to the shelter.

I told them I understood and agreed to be responsible for his care and to give him a good home when we got him back. He spent the next few weeks in our home getting to know us. He's a smart and brave dog. It seemed like we were doing everything right to make him happy.

For the next year or so, he stayed with us. After a couple of close calls, he was never far from us. It seemed that every time we would go on a trip or go to our friend's house for a visit, he would call us to come get him. He's a very sweet and calm dog. He's well mannered, gets along well with most other dogs, and is great with our two cats. He's also a great watch dog and will let us know if someone is coming or leaving the house. He enjoys walks with the kids and has lots of energy.

He became so well known around the neighborhood that we received several calls to come and get him when there was some sort of problem with one of the other dogs. He was never aggressive. He was just a great watch dog and a wonderful friend.

Unfortunately, as you can imagine, it didn't take long for my son to tire of him and want another dog. The two of them got along well. My husband and I decided to wt until we could find a place for both of them at the same time.

A week before my son turned 17, he left for school and we saw each other for the last time. It was sad to watch him leave, but knowing that he was going to a great dog school, that things were going to be okay. I knew I would have some time to miss him.

When we left for vacation the next day, it was like he knew we were going and he called us agn. We were very touched by the way he cried and wanted us to come back home. It was hard to leave him, but we just knew it was the right thing to do.

A few days later, we returned to find a note taped to our front door.

"Dear Mom and Dad,

I found this dog on our street and thought it might be the dog I lost.

He was taken in and is doing great. He's very good with other dogs and people.



Mom and Dad:

I'm going to be staying with this new family and will no longer be staying in this house. I love you and Dad and I know Mom will be happy here and I hope we will be able to see each other agn.

Best Wishes,


He never did find the owner of the dog and when he called him by name, we knew it was our dog. He's doing just fine.

We had a couple more weeks to find a house. We looked, didn't like them and looked agn. We were ready to settle in when we got a phone call. It was from a real estate agent who asked us if we would be interested in looking at a house.

We went to look at it the next day. We could see it was a beautiful old home. It had a great room that was spacious and bright. We walked around for a while looking at it and thinking how much we loved it.

When we went to sign the contract, the real estate agent sd something that I thought was kind of strange: "I just have one more condition to set up. Will you be okay with it?"

It was a price condition on the house. If the price was too high, we weren't interested.

"Yes, we're fine with the price," I sd.

"Well, I want to

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