Can dogs have edamame

Can dogs have edamame

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Can dogs have edamame?

If you know how to prepare edamame and don’t mind sharing, please send me your experience with edamame. (Edamame is a popular and delicious Japanese legume that is a combination of soybeans and peas. You might also be familiar with edamame sprouts.) In particular, if you’ve had success in providing edamame to your dog.

I have heard that a well-nourished dog can eat edamame just fine, but I’ve never seen an example. Do you know of a dog who could enjoy edamame?

If you don’t, I’m sure there are some dogs who enjoy edamame. But, I would love to know of any experiences.


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12 comments on “Can dogs have edamame?”

I have a great deal of experience with edamame in dogs, but not so much with edamame sprouts. (I have had a good amount of success with soy milk in my dogs, but that is a different story.) Edamame is just not much fun for a dog to eat, unless it is very close to a mealtime and very hungry. I’ve tried it in raw, but that is almost always a waste of time and energy. It’s almost impossible to get any nutritional value from raw edamame, but that seems to be what a lot of dog owners (or their dogs!) expect. They may consider it as a treat, a reward for training or a snack. Raw edamame isn’t always something that fits into those categories, so it is either unappealing to dogs or a disappointment to their owners, and it is the latter that I really want to help. Edamame sprouts is a very different story, however. They are a fun treat for dogs, with much less of a fuss, and they require no cooking, which means no waste. With edamame sprouts you are just taking advantage of something that a dog will love (if you know your dog). Dogs have no trouble chewing (some may dislike it, but they won’t refuse it) and chewing sprouts is a very effective way to get your dog to eat something. Just remember that edamame and edamame sprouts have a very different smell and flavor than other beans and there is quite a bit of difference between how dog and owner will each enjoy them. If you are considering giving your dog a different type of bean, I would recommend trying a variety of each so that you are able to see what your dog likes.

I’ve given some cooked edamame to dogs before (with the hopes that they would appreciate it!) but have not tried edamame sprouts. It might be fun to try some next time I know I have some. Thank you for the tip.

I’ve used edamame before but never edamame sprouts. I’ve made “edamame” by just boiling the soybeans with their pods to a nice bite-sized piece and then just tossing that in a kibble that is usually dog food. It is easier to do this with fresh soybeans than dried so maybe I’ll try this.

Thank you for all these great tips! I have a sweet, hyper, goofy and very smart dog. These are the times I feel most grateful to have a smart dog. I wish I could cook dog food but it just is not feasible. So all the treats in the world are a wonderful blessing!

I have a smallish dog, so finding healthy dog foods on the market that also fit in with our food budget isn’t an easy task. I have tried quite a few recipes with edamame but the only things that have come out great were when I used ground tofu instead of the sprouts.

This is a great post! I am curious about trying the peanut butter and soy sauce mixture. Our vet recommended making a special treat for my dog’s skin problem with a mixture of peanut butter, olive oil, flax seed oil, and some other oils mixed together. I never thought about using edamame sprouts in a similar way.

I have an elderly beagle that is overweight. Any type of food will be an improvement over her regular food. She will do very well on any type of food except pork (not worth the effort). She won’t try anything too fancy (as my wife says), and is always happy when she gets her favorite dog treats. She’s just about at the end of her life, and I want to do everything I can to keep her comfortable.

My dog is a mix of German Shepard and Rottweiler. It’s all about keeping him as happy and healthy as possible. When we’re at the vet or just having a big family weekend and a bunch of food is in the house, the treats I usually make is a peanut butter based mixture with oatmeal and flax seeds. When I make it I use whole grain flour in the mix and it does give him a bit of texture. We mix the oatmeal and flax seeds with the peanut butter and add molasses to sweeten up. It makes a pretty decent treat, easy to make, and very easy to make with ingredients in the house.

I also have one of those dogs that is overweight but loves treats. These treats are easy to make and super tasty.

I have a dog (German Sheperd) that eats only one food: dry or wet food, but refuses any other, including human food! She’s pretty picky and will only eat two or three at a time. We’ve tried cooking, freezing, freezing, and canning, and the only thing that makes her eat is this recipe. The only thing that makes her less of a picky eater is the fact that the food can be frozen/canned for later (I freeze in a ziploc bag with one of those paper liners), so she can always eat more when needed.

This recipe is fairly simple, and easy to work with and cook for a family of four or more.

I tried this recipe out tonight and it was a big hit with my family. My daughter didn’t think they were as sweet as others that she has tried (and we even tried two different batches!), but I thought they were delicious. I didn’t bother to add the molasses as some previous comments have said. It was tasty, but didn’t add too much sweetness to them. The kids just love these treats. They’re a great go-to treat when we’re traveling, and it’s definitely something the dog will eat with a smile. If you want to add some fun to your next picnic or barbecue, give these a try!

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