Dog trning terms and conditions

Dog trning terms and conditions

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Dog trning terms and conditions.

This is a brief agreement setting out the terms and conditions of your purchase, please read carefully.

I am the purchaser of the dog, I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the sale set out below.

If you are selling a dog or buying a dog I must be provided with your name, address and telephone number.

If you are purchasing a dog please give the following information on form

Dog Name





Breed club or society membership if any

Contact person

Contact phone number

Breed type

The value of the dog (see section below)

The seller of the dog will receive no money for the sale of the dog unless we have a signed contract setting out terms and conditions. If there is any disagreement the sale of the dog will be cancelled.

These terms and conditions are subject to change.

Terms and conditions of sale.

1. The Terms and Conditions as set out below are binding on both parties. If there is any disagreement between the parties a sale will be cancelled.

2. I confirm that I have read and understood all the terms and conditions as stated on the face of the sales document and have signed them below. I also agree to the terms and conditions as set out in paragraph 3.

3. This form is set out in line with the terms and conditions ld out in the Consumer Act 1998.

4. All sales are based on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis. The total cost of the dog will be determined at the time of purchase. All dogs must be registered at the first opportunity.

5. On-line selling is only for dogs in the UK, dogs or puppies can be bought or sold by return and courier on request and payment by the purchaser.

6. We have to keep all dogs in suitable kennels or foster homes until the dog is registered. When we have decided to accept an animal, the animal is released into the foster care of a registered kennel. On release we will pay an admin fee of £20 on all sales.

7. There is a minimum charge of £45.00.

8. The total cost of a dog at the time of purchase shall be determined by the number and size of the dogs in our stock. The cost is dependent upon the current value of this breed. If a dog is not as described in our catalogue then the minimum cost will be reduced by £45.00.

9. The dogs are sold on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis. In the event of any dispute then the sale will be cancelled.

10. Payment must be made in full. Paypal is accepted.

11. At the time of the sale the dog will be held in a kennel, a suitable cage or home pending the arrival of the pet passport. On the day of sale we will hold the dog and its purchase will not be deemed to have been made. All proceeds of the sale of the dog will be remitted to the kennel within 48 hours of the dog’s purchase. All puppies remn the property of the kennel until their registration and passport is issued by the Kennel Club. If an emergency arose that prevented the registration being completed we would make a last minute appointment for the dog to be returned to us. The balance of the sale price must be pd in full on the day of the appointment.

12. The Kennel Club cannot accept responsibility for any health condition that is not within our control. We cannot hold ourselves liable if there is a problem and we are not given enough time to rectify the problem.

13. We try to describe and photograph the animal as accurately as possible but do not guarantee that the description is correct. We accept no responsibility for any faults that may exist in the animal as seen or described. If there is a fault we try to rectify it with the seller.

14. We cannot cancel the sale of any puppy. There will be no refunds on cancelled puppies.

15. Any sale of a puppy where the seller has not been in the same room to inspect the puppy on the day of sale will be void and we reserve the right to refuse to sell.

16. For the safety of the animal, anyone attempting to steal it will be prosecuted.

17. We cannot accept responsibility for any accident that befalls the puppy and its owner on the day of sale.

18. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to any puppy or its owner. The puppy is at the seller’s risk, the pet passport is at the kennel’s risk.

19. Owners are not liable for injury or death to any member of their family. They may also not be liable for injury or death to any dog or animal.

20. We will use reasonable care to ensure that the seller can contact the purchaser by the end of the day of sale. The sale will not be valid if the contact detls are not passed to us by the sellers by the end of the day.

21. Once the customer has left our establishment, it is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure that they take the puppy with them to their home. We will not be held responsible for the whereabouts of the puppy. If the customer cannot find their puppy they will be liable to pay £15 return postage charge. The customer may have to pay an additional charge to the seller if this happens.

We strongly recommend that you make sure you have your insurance.

22. In the event that the puppy has been stolen or that the puppy owner is refused re-entry, we will make a refund (not a replacement) to the purchaser of the puppy. All such refunds are to be made to the purchaser’s PayPal account or bank account.

23. Pups will be taken on day 1. They are sold as pets and no health certificate will be issued. This is at the buyer’s risk.

24. The buyer must sign and return the e-pet passport after the sale. The e-pet passport will then be emled to the seller with a copy sent to the buyer, so that the buyer can show they own the puppy.

25. Any refund or replacement puppy will be charged the same price as the original puppy. If the puppy is sold on day 1, there will not be a refund or replacement puppy avlable.

26. If any pup is ill, please contact us immediately, it may be returned to the seller for a full refund.

27. If any buyer refuses to take the pup away by the agreed date, they will be responsible for the return postage.

28. The seller will not be held responsible for any un-received puppies. If a buyer contacts us, stating that they have lost their puppy they will be responsible for the return postage charges. We will then follow up with a search for the puppy.

29. All sales are final. No refunds or replacements can be given.

30. The seller will not be held responsible for any problems that may arise within the first few days of the puppy being home. If an owner is concerned, they should contact us immediately.

31. We reserve the right to refuse any buyer on any grounds.


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