Bill the cat for president

Bill the cat for president

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Bill the cat for president

What it is: A humorous look at the presidential candidate who can help stop inflation.

Author: David Littky

Publication: The Washington Post

Date: August 28, 1980

"Bill," the cat, has run for president of the United States. He did this by accident and is still running.

It happened like this. In a fit of presidential-candidate mania, the late Henry Kissinger, former secretary of state, called up several prominent authors to advise him. He wanted a writer he could call at 2 a.m. for quick answers.

Kissinger's literary advisers included Irving Kristol, the late, and highly influential political theorist, whose son, William Kristol, is the editor of the Weekly Standard, Saul Bellow, author of "Henderson the Rn King," and Paul Berman, a left-wing historian.

To make this whole venture worthwhile, Kissinger needed $20,000. He turned to the authors for a donation. A number of them refused to kick in any money, and some made promises to make up the difference later, but ultimately the only one willing to write a check for $20,000 was Billy.

In the political field, as opposed to the arts, we're not used to this kind of behavior. One might think of such a thing as an impeachable offense. I'll give Billy his due, however. He got it down to the very last cent.

Bill the cat is the reincarnation of Bill Gates, an MIT computer-scientist-cum-founder of Microsoft. Like the first Microsoft billionre, Bill the cat has come to the political arena to save the world from the evil forces that seek to destroy it.

What's the problem? It's inflation. The "cure" for inflation? Lower interest rates. This is good as far as it goes, but how long can it go on before the entire economic system collapses?

I don't mean to say that Bill the cat is a Marxist. To the contrary, he's a capitalist. So what is he proposing? His book is really not so much a work of economics as it is a handbook for the political activist. The purpose of his book is to give us "A Short, Sharp, Rake-You-Over-the-Head Kind of Overview." Here's the introduction:

A Short, Sharp, Rake-You-Over-the-Head Kind of Overview is the title of a book that I hope will be as useful to you as a short, sharp raking.

We're going to have a look at some of the problems that have been haunting society. The title of my book might suggest that I'm going to be giving you a quick, easy, hand-in-the-cookie-jar kind of overview, when in fact I'm going to try to give you a short, sharp, raking over the head kind of overview.

I think you can sense where he's going. In fact, you can see the whole thing coming on the cover of this book. It's no coincidence that it's called "A Short, Sharp, Rake-You-Over-the-Head Kind of Overview."

I had to laugh.

My point? The problem is that all this "overview" leads to the only place that it can end. The place that Bill never wants to hear about: revolution.

I hope you can't help thinking "Wow, I'm gonna like Bill. The guy is so optimistic!"

I'm not optimistic. In fact, the book is a sad story. The story is about an evil group of people that took control of the world's economy and now they've run up agnst "a short, sharp raking over the head kind of overview."

And guess what? "The short, sharp, raking over the head kind of overview" has been the only option ever since the group of people that took over the world's economy started raking over the heads of everybody. Everybody: the government, the media, the corporations, your neighbors.

Raking over the heads.

It's that way every day.

I don't know. This whole scene started in 2008. It's hard to pin it down to an exact date, but somewhere between 2008 and now, the group of people that took over the world's economy decided that they weren't gonna let everybody use the computers. Not everybody.

Just one little group.

What they've done is create what they call "the internet." The internet they say is, "Oh. People are going on Facebook, watching movies, checking their e-mls, going to the sports arena, checking out the prices on a plasma TV. It's the same old, same old."

And the funny thing is that that's what I heard people saying just yesterday. Like just the other day.

They've created the internet and it's called "the internet." Now, they don't want people to use the internet, so, instead, they say that people should go to "the internet."

The "internet."

Just go "to the internet." Go in there and check out what everybody else is doing.

But wt. We've heard this so many times. In fact, this same little speech was given by the people who are in control every single time we've heard that speech.

Every time.

Every time.

They say "Oh, they are going to go to Facebook, check out the prices on a plasma TV, watch the Giants game, oh yeah, check out the prices on a plasma TV. That's the internet. They are going to go to the internet."

But wt. That's just like that time last year. That time a few months ago.

And last week.

And then, one time in May.

That time.

Or was it that time?

I can't remember.

But then, we're back to last year and the time before that.

Every time, when they get mad at you, they say, "Well, you people want to do this, so, let's go to the internet and see what everybody is doing."

The internet.

Just go to the internet.

"I don't think we should all just get together and decide what everybody else should be doing."

They don't want that.

So, we have to go to the internet.

We go to the internet and we see what everybody else is doing.

But wt, I have it right here. It's just last week, I was reading about it, they just sd, "Wt a minute. We should stay in bed."

That's what they are saying.

"We should stay in bed. Then, we will be healthier."

That's what they are saying.

"Staying in bed is good for us. I hope you all have a good night. You go to bed and rest."

It's okay.

It's okay.

"Good night everybody."

I will see you agn sometime.

Thanks for coming and watching,


This is what I think of when you say, "the sky is falling," because you sd we were going to "get there eventually."

They are just going to go back to their couch. They are going to sit on the couch and their cable is going to show whatever show they want and whatever they want, they can watch whatever channel they want. It's all

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