Desert creek gun dog kennels

Desert creek gun dog kennels

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Desert creek gun dog kennels

There are over two hundred breeds of canines in the United States alone and while we can’t possibly keep up with all of them, here at Desert Creek Gun Dog Kennels we specialize in working with one of them, the Gun Dog.

The first record of a working Gun Dog was in 1750 and they were originally bred for the protection of the homesteads of early settlers. As the country grew and people moved further away from their homes, gun dogs were used as personal protection and also for hunting. Many breeds of Gun Dogs have been lost to extinction since the early 1900’s, but luckily not all of them have.

What’s unique about Gun Dogs is that they’re the first dogs to come from North America when explorers landed on this continent. They’re the dog that can run faster than a horse and the dog that can chase down a rabbit, not to mention the many other tricks they perform.

Gun Dogs can be extremely loyal companions, and they can be trned for just about anything, including water work, obedience, tracking, or agility. They make great family pets as well and many are excellent with children. They’re also very popular with hunters and bird watchers alike.

As with any canine breed, Gun Dogs are intelligent and eager to please. If you’re interested in trning your new dog, we’re here to help and we can even work with your current dog as well. Desert Creek Gun Dog Kennels is one of the premier Gun Dog trning facilities in the country and we can’t wt to help you and your family!

Dog Trning Classes

Desert Creek Gun Dog Kennels has trning classes for every level. Our trning is top notch, and we want to get you the perfect Gun Dog as soon as possible. Please read on for our trning options!

Obedience Trning – If you need your Gun Dog to learn simple commands such as “sit” and “down”, then this is the class for you! Our trners will teach you the basics of housebreaking, leash manners, and obedience.

Water Work – This is our premier class, and it’s an excellent introduction for the Gun Dog owner who is new to water work! Our Water Work trning is perfect for dogs who need to swim or learn to dive.

Tracking – If your Gun Dog is a natural at tracking, then this is the perfect class for you! Our Trackers are used to following their handler on a long-distance hunt, and they have the endurance to run after a bird or animal for many miles.

Agility Trning – For the experienced Gun Dog, our Agility Class offers hours of fun as your dog learns to run and jump over various obstacles. We teach the Gun Dog to think as well as run, so they can adapt to new situations as they appear.

Gun Dog Trning Equipment

When it comes to trning a Gun Dog, it’s all about the proper tools, and our equipment is second to none. We’ve been designing Gun Dog trning tools for years and we’ve perfected our techniques.

Hooks – A Gun Dog’s jaws can crush bone and they are able to chew with the teeth on the bottom of their jaw, which means there’s no safe place for them to bite! When you start trning, you need to make sure your hooks are strong enough for your Gun Dog and that they’re adjustable.

Tl Control Collars – A Gun Dog’s coat is thick and very long, and it’s difficult to get a grip on a Gun Dog’s coat with just a collar. A tl control collar has a loop on the end of it, and you can use this to gently pull on your Gun Dog’s tl while trning them.

Tl Waggers – Tl waggers are simply rubber bands, and they’re perfect for gently pulling on your Gun Dog’s tl. You can use this to make a correction if your Gun Dog pulls on you when they’re not supposed to.

A Gun Dog’s jaws are powerful, but they also tend to be very strong. As a result, we recommend you don’t attempt to handle them by yourself if they’re not wearing a muzzle or a choke. Gun Dogs tend to want to bite and there’s no safe way to stop them without putting your own hand or face in danger.

When trning your Gun Dog, we highly recommend that you use muzzle and leash trning tools, and we have a variety of options. We carry the finest quality Gun Dog muzzles on the market. If your Gun Dog has a thick or long coat, you’ll need to be extra careful when you’re trning them. A muzzle keeps your Gun Dog’s face protected, and they’ll be able to eat or drink while you’re trning them.

Leash Trning Tools – You’ll need to teach your Gun Dog to behave on a leash, and a leash is the most important tool when trning your Gun Dog. Leashes can be purchased in many different lengths and they’re also adjustable.

We recommend that you purchase a retractable leash. When your Gun Dog starts to pull, you’ll need to stop the leash, and then you’ll need to use a muzzle or a choke. Using a muzzle to stop a Gun Dog is very dangerous for the handler and is not recommended.

Gun Dog Trning Packages

Whether you’re a novice Gun Dog trner or you’re a seasoned veteran, we’re happy to work with you! We offer two options when it comes to Gun Dog trning packages.

Gun Dog Puppy Trning – At Desert Creek Gun Dog Kennels we want to help you and your family from day one! Our Puppy Trning Package is perfect for new Gun Dog owners who need trning from day one! Our trners will teach you about Gun Dog care, housebreaking, basic obedience, and water work.

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