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Clumsy Bengal kitten on tour

Clumsy Bengal kitten on tour

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Everyone starts small! This also applies to this sweet representative of one of the most skilful and active cat breeds in the world. In this video he shows that even such a small tomboy can happen to mishap.

What a kitten has to learn: balancing on sofa backs, jumping on tables and looking out of the window at the same time, descending huge steps and not neglecting the cardboard box that is standing there and sooo much more. No wonder that you get a little stumbled!

With its look reminiscent of a mini leopard, the Bengal is not only one of the sportiest, but also one of the most beautiful cats in the world and we are excited to see what this little four-legged friend looks like when she is big and strong!

Extravagant Bengal: pet with a wildcat look

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