What to expect from a female dog after mating

What to expect from a female dog after mating

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What to expect from a female dog after mating.

Q: Hello,

I just got my new dog from the shelter two days ago and she has been spayed. Since she has been spayed, the shelter sd that she has become a bit of a flirt and she has been acting kind of crazy. I had my previous dog spayed when he was a puppy and he has always been friendly and not overly affectionate. I am so confused and was wondering what I am going to expect from her now?



A: First of all, congratulations on getting your new pup! I am glad you adopted her from the shelter and I wish you both all the best in your new adventures.

That sd, you asked two questions in the same question.

First, is she flirting with you? Is she acting like she wants you to come to her, or is she getting you alone so she can get to know you and be friends?

And second, are you going to have a problem with her being a bit crazy?

The first question is very important, as being friendly with your female dog may depend on what she is doing. She may be acting friendly with you to get you to come to her, or she may be flirting to get to know you better. Either way, if you find her friendly with you, but are starting to feel uncomfortable, you are probably seeing the "flirt" in her behavior.

In this situation, you might see a few things:

- She can be a bit goofy and playful, while also being able to be gentle and affectionate (or so she wants you to think!)

- She can be aloof or standoffish, but may respond well to your touch. (There are pros and cons to touching a dog, but not in this situation. I'll leave that to another time, maybe another thread.)

- She can be really affectionate and friendly when she's not in her play mode.

This is all very specific, so I'll keep it general. If you don't mind a little uncertnty, and are comfortable with uncertnty, be bold with her. Ask her "What are you up to?" and/or "Would you like me to come over?"

If she likes you, that's great. And if you like her, you've done well. If she seems to be trying to get to know you, that's great too. But if she seems to be flirting with you, or just getting to know you to get in your pants, that's not great. You might ask her to focus on you and then back off.

Be cool. Don't act crazy and make too big of a deal of anything. You don't want her to know that you're afrd of her. If she doesn't play nicely, ask her what she wants from you. If she doesn't seem to like you, ask why. Keep your hands away from her, especially if you want her to play with you.

Just be yourself, and she'll come around.

One last note: she may be aggressive at first, but it's important that you show her you're comfortable, so it will go better. If she's really aggressive, she's not right for you.

If you're having a tough time playing nice, try making a bet with her. Do something to get in her good graces. Say "If I win, will you do whatever I want?" If you lose, you'll be in a bad mood.

The only real downside to this is you're probably not going to get ld, but hey, that's what dating is for, isn't it?

6. If you don't want to date someone, act like you do.

You never want to be a jerk or be an asshole. If you want to get out of playing nice, do it. If you don't want to date a girl, act like you do. If she is a total babe, and you're not interested, you don't have to make a big deal about it.

If you say "Fuck you, I don't want to be friends with you," she'll go away in a flash, because she wants to be friends with you.

7. If a girl is giving you a hard time, ignore her.

There's a very good chance she just wants a reaction from you, and once you give her that, she'll go away. There's only so many times you can get rejected, and you won't like it, but it's better than getting into an argument.

If she's giving you a hard time, and you don't feel like you can handle her or you just don't want to play nice, just ignore her. No matter how bad she treats you, it'll eventually get to a point where you can do whatever you want with her. If she's a bitch for years, eventually, she'll die.

8. If you're not friends with a girl, don't try to make friends.

If a girl doesn't want to be your friend, she probably doesn't want to be friends with you. There are people out there who do want to be friends with you, and it's your job to figure out who they are. Don't waste your time trying to make friends when you're not that person.

And if you really want to be friends with her, just wt until she says something to make you interested. Then, make a move.

9. If you have a girlfriend, you're a bad person.

If you have a girlfriend, you're automatically a terrible person. You're not special. Everyone can get a girlfriend.

You're just too good for the rest of the world.

10. If you talk about sex a lot, you're a bad person.

If you talk about sex a lot, it's probably because you're not getting any. If you want to talk about sex with a girl, you have to respect the fact that she's a person who is allowed to have sex, and you're not allowed to have it.

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