Why does my cat kick herself in the face

Why does my cat kick herself in the face

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Why does my cat kick herself in the face when she has a sneezing fit? Should I call the vet?

We have a small black and white cat named Sassy. Whenever she has a sneezing fit she often tries to rub her face on the carpet, or even her own body. It has always bothered me when she does this but it was like the carpet was an open wound. She didn’t have any serious marks on her face and it never hurt her. Recently the sneezing has started happening more frequently and it is happening more when she’s happy or even during times when she is just around us. I would take her in for a check up but the cost is more than I can spend at the moment, but she is also an indoor cat so I was hoping to get a little advice from someone who has seen this behaviour before.

I have found a page from the web site about the topic of Sneezing in Cats. According to that site you should be worried when your cat sneezes for more than 5 times in a week and I think my cat has been doing that for a while now.

Cats and dogs do not sneeze the same way as people do. We usually think of sneezing as a very loud and forceful way to produce a nasal congestion which releases mucus into the nose and throat. They rarely produce enough force to cause damage to the mouth. Dogs do produce some force in their lower jaw when they sneeze. They usually are more prone to have a runny nose and they may lick or lick their nostrils if they’re not careful. Cats sneeze on the upper and lower lip.

Cat sneezing is actually two different types of sneezing: wet and dry. This is different from the way we do it. We usually use the wetter one for clearing our noses. When our nasal passages are irritated, we are often tempted to bring in something damp to clear out the nasal passage. Cats don’t have this problem. A dry cat sneeze is something that is often a reaction to a sudden change in their environment. If something happens suddenly, such as a door being opened or a room being ventilated suddenly, your cat might sneeze.

Dry and wet sneezing are an indication of disease. In fact, a lot of your cat’s sneezing could be caused by your cat eating a cat sneeze blocker. Cat sneeze blockers come in liquid or pill form. Some of the liquid ones are actually really expensive, but the pills are actually about the same price as a multivitamin. They come in a large variety of flavours including pumpkin pie, cherry and even a mentholated one called Cool Breeze that is intended for use in humid climates.

Most of them will state that they should only be used when your cat has a cold or an allergy to the chemicals that they contain. What most people don’t know is that these chemicals are designed to be used as a preventative.

You may be surprised to hear that cats have sneeze allergies that are similar to humans’ allergies. The same types of pollen that humans sneeze at can be found in your cat’s food. The pollen gets into your cat’s nose through their mouths and the cat can even inhale it while they are eating their food. This type of allergy is called Allergic Rhinitis.

I recommend taking your cat to their vet as soon as you notice that they are sneezing. Most cats are pretty sensitive to their medications and can even die if their vet prescribes the wrong medication.

What is the Cause of Cat Sneezing?

The most common cause of cat sneezing is Allergic Rhinitis. Your cat has this condition when they get pollen in their nostrils and inhale it through their mouths. If you suspect that your cat is sneezing, they will often shake their head and open and close their mouth when they sneeze. The reason for this is that cats expel the excess mucus that has formed in their nostrils in their mouth.

The problem with cat allergy is that unlike with human allergies, they don’t have any way to fight it off themselves. They can’t have an asthma attack because they don’t have air passages that allow for this. They also can’t have a cold as that is caused by viruses. So they have no way to protect themselves from these common allergens.

What can I do to Help?

At the very least, I recommend that you take your cat to the vet as soon as you notice that they are sneezing. If they are sneezing because they have Allergic Rhinitis, they will be prescribed anti-inflammatory medicines and some even antihistamines. They can also be given corticosteroid medicines to reduce the inflammation that causes the allergic reaction. At the very worst, your vet may prescribe an epinephrine auto-injector which will stop the sneezing. Most importantly, if they have started to develop more severe symptoms like coughing or wheezing you will need to take them to a specialist as soon as possible.

What should I do if my cat has started having severe symptoms?

This will depend on what your cat has been doing in the past. If your cat has never had problems with their allergy before you need to go to the Emergency Room. If it is the first time they have come in with symptoms and you take them to a vet the first time, you should contact your vet right away. If you get this message, please call immediately.

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