How long do siamese cats live

How long do siamese cats live

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How long do siamese cats live?


It depends on a few things:


How active they are

How well cared for they are

Their environment

The average lifespan is around 11 years.


My Siamese, now over 13 years, was only 3 weeks old and I was very careful and gentle with him and fed him the proper nutrition, including fresh meat. I gave him excellent social stimulation. He was a very loving and gentle kitten for his age, which is really more than you can ask for in an indoor cat!


Average for us Siamese is about 13 years. I'm almost 20 now.

However, there are factors such as breeding, diet, etc, that can affect their lifespan. I'd suggest you start reading up on them, especially if you're wanting a long-life cat.

If you're unsure about how to take care of him, look into an animal rescue/humane society or animal shelter and ask for advice. They're experts in the area, and can help you choose the best course of action to keep him healthy and happy.

If he is currently in a bad environment, I would suggest you move him to a home with better-quality toys, etc.

If he has no other choice but to live in a "fancy" home environment, then I would suggest you feed him more, and better-quality food (he'll appreciate the difference in taste). You can find canned food at most grocery stores, even large ones like Costco. You can also use a food mixer or a hand blender for homemade kibble.

I personally have found that cat food is best when it's not overly "processed" -- something like Natural Balance.

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