Cute meerkat laughs while tickling

Cute meerkat laughs while tickling

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Such a cuddly little meerkat! The cute rodent loves to be tickled by his nurse on the tummy. He has so much fun doing it that he giggles and laughs as he can.

Alexander, the meerkat, loves to be tickled. The little rascal is happily lying on his nurse's arm. When she starts tickling her little protégé on the belly, he starts to giggle. The cute rodent coos, laughs and cackles like a big one! The joy is literally on the face of the meerkat.

Little Alexander playfully kicks his nurse with his paws. When she stops tickling his tummy, he looks startled and pulls the little paws on the nurse's sweater. As if he wanted to say, "Hey, why are you stopping? Keep tickling me!"

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