What kind of dog does judge judy have

What kind of dog does judge judy have

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What kind of dog does judge judy have? Is she just an adopted pup or did she have a family?


Judy has been a rescue dog, but she hasn't been in a home for very long. It is unclear from her page if she was adopted by a family or from an animal rescue, though in an interview in 2017 she sd she was a rescue.

"I was a rescue and I was very young when I came to my forever family. I

ended up getting adopted and I've been with them for over five years now.

My forever family just fell in love with me and they gave me a wonderful

life." -Judy

The interview also confirmed that her family lives in the Los Angeles area.


Judy (the dog) was born in 2008. She is described as a Jack Russell Terrier, but that isn't quite right. It's not her breed, but I would suspect she's a mixture. She does, however, have a Jack Russell Terrier appearance, which is part of her appeal.

Judy was rescued in 2013, from the animal shelter in the city of San Bernardino, California. A shelter's adoption report says that she came from

Watch the video: Judge Judy Lets Dog Loose In Court To Reveal His True Owner (July 2022).


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