Why do dogs go between your legs

Why do dogs go between your legs

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Why do dogs go between your legs in public? Is it a trick or a serious attempt to show affection? Are they even aware of us?

When I was younger, I used to think dogs only wanted to get under my legs. It was just a way of saying hello, not an expression of love or respect. I now know I was mistaken. Many times, I've been walking down the street and my dog came over and began sniffing my leg, or sometimes rested his chin between my legs and looked up at me with a wistful expression as if to say, "Where have you been all my life? How have you been able to resist me?" Maybe it's just because I was young, but I really didn't believe them when they said that was the way dogs felt.

I came to realize this from the time I was very young. Maybe four or five years old. I was walking through our local park with my Mom and Dad. We were playing a game of catch with a stick. One of the sticks somehow caught my Mom in the throat and she began to cough. The dog she had with her at the time came over and nuzzled my Mom's leg with his head between her legs. As my Mom was coughing and gasping for air, she would sometimes look down to stroke the dog, but it would be out of reach. We would continue with the game of catch, and eventually the stick would come loose. My Mom would turn to find that dog cuddled up in her lap. I remember thinking it was a dog playing with another dog, not with Mom. My parents were very loving and had pets for years, but I was really never given the sense that they had that same affection for a pet dog. I think they all had a lot of time to dedicate to other people but they still wanted to be kind to their dogs. I was the only child, but we still had a cat. I know my father treated the cat better, and fed the cat better than the other cats did. He gave the cat better food. When the cat grew old, he kept it alive, and continued to give it better food. I never understood how my parents could be so kind to the cat and they treated it well. I just assumed they cared about it as much as they did about us. As my Dad was getting old, he became forgetful and he would sometimes forget that the cat was outside. If he forgot, he would start beating the cat. I didn't like that, and I would go outside to stop him from beating the cat. I would yell at him and tell him to stop. I don't remember him ever caring about the cat the way he cared about my Mom.

My father's brother died, and my parents were really sad, so they adopted a black cat to comfort themselves. They called the cat "Bud" and kept him in the bedroom with them. Bud was their way of getting comfort from their pet. As I got older and my siblings were born, my parents felt even more comfortable keeping Bud in the bedroom with them. When I was in high school, I decided to get rid of Bud because he looked sickly, and had a bad disposition. My Mom and Dad didn't think that Bud had a bad disposition. He was mean, and my mom and dad would only feed him dog food. He wasn't a well dog. He would come in the house and growl at us. He kept hitting us and our Mom and Dad would just give him food. My parents didn't have the courage to leave him outside. I didn't have the heart to leave him there and I knew they would feed him again if I didn't get rid of him. So I went to PetSmart and bought a large dog food bag and I threw it in the garbage. That night, the dog food bag burst, and the food scattered out and the bag broke, and I couldn't find any dog food. I got so mad because I thought my Mom and Dad were lying to me about the cat's being sick. I yelled at them and my Mom had a mental breakdown. She got so upset about me throwing the cat food away, that she was in the emergency room. She was having a heart attack and they had to put a tube in her throat and pump her stomach. She was in the emergency room for 3 weeks. My parents were really angry that I got rid of the cat. I thought that they hated me. My mom told me that she had a bad cold. I would look for the cat food and put the food down and throw the cat food back up. One day I saw that my parents were getting a new cat. This time I decided to get a new cat. I was going to put a collar on him. I took the cat food bag from the garbage, and I saw a plastic bag. I wasn't sure what it was. I was so scared. It was my secret plan to save the cat food and put the bag in the garbage. I was afraid of what my parents would do if they knew. I was scared that I would get grounded and that my parents would get mad at me. So I took the cat food bag, and I put it in the plastic bag. I thought that I had to do this quick, or my parents would find out about the plastic bag. So, I put the cat food in the plastic bag, and put it in the garbage and took the plastic bag out. But, before I took the plastic bag out, I put the cat food in a bowl and the cat food was still warm. I tried to pretend that I didn't know about the cat food. I was so scared. But I finally told my mom about the cat food. She told me that I had been sick with diarrhea, and I told her that I didn't want the cat. So, she made up a story. She said that my parents got a kitten to make up for the cat that I threw away. My parents made up a story so that I wouldn't get in trouble. I wasn't happy to get another cat, but I didn't throw away the cat food. I always try to be the good little girl. If I was the one that made up a story about the cat food, I would have been in trouble.

1-4. Read the following passage carefully and mark the parts of the story that are complete sentences, the parts that contain a main verb, the parts that are not grammatically complete sentences, and the parts that contain complete clauses. Then, compare the parts that are complete with the parts that are not grammatically complete. Why are some parts grammatically correct and some parts not?

The woman in the story took a knife to her husband. The man was bleeding. She cut off his hand, the ring, and the watch, and threw them away in the garbage. She had the money hidden in a bag. She told the police that her husband was a thief and he had robbed her. The man who lived downstairs had seen everything. The police searched for the man in the house.

The woman said to the police, "He was there yesterday."

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