Which dog breeds are suitable for agility?

Which dog breeds are suitable for agility?

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The dog sport agility is becoming more and more popular. But can all dog breeds do the obstacle course or is it only suitable for certain species? Here you can find out what special features you need to consider. The Border Collie is one of the popular dog breeds for agility - Image: Shutterstock / Louis Mc Cleary

In principle, dog breeds of all sizes and four-legged friends of all ages can practice agility. There are different classes in the field of competitions - sorted by size as well as by age. A tournament should be fair and all participating four-legged friends should have the same chances. It is best to find out before you start training in a dog school that offers agility training. Maybe there are also courses for small breeds or older dogs, for example.

Agility: A versatile dog sport

Most dog breeds are suitable for agility without any problems. With smaller four-legged friends, the size of the obstacles on the course is adjusted accordingly and they only compete against dogs of their size and weight. There is even a senior class for dogs ages six and up.

Border Collie: herding dog and sports cannon

Of course, very active dogs have a lot of fun with agility training. One such sports cannon is the Border Collie. The Scottish herding dog is clever and loves to work out in dog sport. The German Shepherd is also a popular candidate for agility. Smaller breeds like terriers can also enjoy active training.

Beware of dog breeds prone to disease

Regardless of the species, you should be careful in dogs that tend to have joint and spine problems. The heavy strain of agility is a great training for healthy animals, for ailing four-legged friends it can be dangerous to health. Even if your dog has metabolic disorders, it is better to have the vet check it again before you start training.

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