Long nose dog meme

Long nose dog meme

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Long nose dog meme

The long nose dog meme (also known as long snouted dog meme or dog, with or without a tail, nose on his shoulders, or nose on his body) is a humorous, humorous and/or satirical portrayal of one or more anthropomorphic dogs. In some cases, it represents a humorous and/or satirical depiction of several such dogs in a crowd. This meme can be compared to the Pepe the Frog meme.

The long nose dog meme is a derivative of the image of the dog with a long snout, popularized and used by many animal rights groups, including PETA, as a symbol of the inhumane treatment of dogs. While the image of the PETA logo (often in monochrome) features a white dog with a brown long nose, the long nose dog meme takes the image as a starting point and runs with it, often modifying it with other animals, adding other animal symbols, such as a cat's face, or simply substituting the PETA logo with other icons, like a smiley face.

The long nose dog meme is a type of animal rights meme. On the Internet, it originated as an animal rights meme and later turned into an Internet meme.


The first known publication of a long nose dog meme was made in 2001 on the Animal Lovers website.


The long nose dog meme is, very commonly, taken as an anthropomorphic depiction of a long-nosed dog, often wearing the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) logo as a scarf, or with a cat's face on top of it.

Some examples of such "dog" images include:

Peta Pup (long nose dog meme)

In one example, a long-nosed dog is shown on a PETA website in an image with an accompanying text which states that these animals are abused, mutilated, tortured and killed.

On a forum about long nose dog memes on in March 2010, the PETA dog was described as a "PETA pup" (also meaning the PETA logo was meant to represent a dog), an example of which is posted on the PETA Dog Memes page.


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