Fluffy's dog grooming

Fluffy's dog grooming

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Fluffy's dog grooming tips for pets in and around San Diego


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Hi there! My name is Fluffy and I have been grooming pets since 2004. I’m here to help you get the most out of your pet-loving life with helpful suggestions and tips on pet grooming.

I’m not a fancy stylist. In fact, I’m very unpretentious. I like to have fun with my grooming process, but I also take my job seriously. Let’s get to know each other a little better so you can let me work my magic on you.

I groom at several locations throughout the city. You’ll see some of the places I’ve been in this post, but there are a lot more. So if you’re unsure where I can come to you, just ask.

Before getting to know you, here are a few things that you might want to know about me and my specialties.

My first job was being the Director of Education for a small kennel club that used to have my mom as one of the grooming instructors. That was a long time ago. As the Director, I helped my mom set up the club and we worked with the kennel club for many years until they were purchased by a bigger kennel club. During those years, I learned a lot about pet grooming and the business of owning and working with animals.

I know that every pet is unique, just like every human. Everyone has their own needs and requirements. As a result, no two pets should be groomed alike, and there should never be an exact “one size fits all” standard when it comes to grooming. The best way to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your grooming experience with your dog is to set up a consultation with me that outlines your needs and preferences. That’s how we will help you achieve your goals.

My family and I are currently building a new, larger home. It’s a huge undertaking. There are so many things to think about, and so many decisions to make. In the early stages of the project, there was a lot of stress. It was hard to think about just one little detail. I thought about all of the different things we had to consider for our new home, and it got me thinking about the things that I wish I had done when we were building our current home. When we moved in, I knew we’d have some extra money to use for remodeling projects. I put some of that money into an upgraded master bathroom, along with upgrades in our second bathroom, kitchen, and hallway.

The thing I really wish I had done was to build the dog walking/pet sitting room off of the back of our current home. It would have been the perfect room to set up the outdoor patio furniture, and would have completely taken the pressure off of our main living areas to host people for gatherings. I loved that patio. It was one of my favorite places in the whole house.

This is an area that can be difficult for pet owners, unless they have had previous experience. While building, we didn’t have a finished walkway, and I spent a lot of time looking for a place to set up the patio. It would have made it much more accessible. I found a really nice grassy area in the woods that was close by, and just a little too tall for us to pull up the lawn chairs.

Our last house, when we first moved in, the walkway from the front of the house to the back was not finished. We had to pull up all of the lawn chairs before we could even use the walkway. My husband installed the patio cover, but didn’t have a walkway.

We also had the same problem with our new patio furniture. I ordered a few folding chairs, but there was no place to put them. We decided to use the extra area and install a round table and benches. It worked great, but it took awhile to get the placement just right and we didn’t have any place to put down the table or chairs. I wish we had built the patio off to the side of the house, as it would have been much easier.

The first time I had a friend over for dinner, I set up the dining table in the hallway, but because our house was a fixer-upper, it was actually kind of a disaster. We had to clean it up before we had any guests.

The one area that we definitely did make progress on is in the kitchen. We installed a new refrigerator and got the floors completely redone. We also completely redesigned the pantry, and built a new refrigerator/freezer as well. We also had the cabinets painted a totally new color – Benjamin Moore called it “Era”. I did most of the painting, but I’ll admit, I took a few breaks to get a manicure!

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In the end, our home isn’t perfect. I know that, and I know that we won’t be living there forever. I know that I won’t have the same house forever, but I hope that I’ll have a home that lasts a lifetime. That’s what I want for the people that my kids grow up and live in the home with. I want them to have long-term memories of the places they live.

It’s easy to become frustrated, and give up when something doesn’t go your way. I hope that these few tips will help. So many times, a “quick fix” is simply not that. Sometimes, those little things that we notice so easily and don’t have any bearing on how our new home will work, can cost us thousands of dollars in the end.

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This is a great strategy, but sometimes a quick fix can turn into a big pain. The reason that is is that you spend so much time and energy on something that you can’t take with you when you leave. In the end, you’re stuck with the house. You’ve spent your energy, your time and your budget on a house that doesn’t work for you. It may take more time than you would like to make a change. There’s also the additional cost involved in that change.

As a real estate agent, you want to get the “quick fix” house sold so that you can move on to the next job. Not everyone knows that sometimes, that quick fix could cost you your job. You can leave

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