Turkish Angora: Typical diseases of the cat

Turkish Angora: Typical diseases of the cat

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The Turkish Angora is a very elegant, strong and uncomplicated type of cat. Like any cat, it can of course get sick once in a while - a certain cat disease is particularly common in this breed of cat. The Turkish Angora is susceptible to several diseases - Image: Shutterstock / DreamBig

Owners of a Turkish Angora in spe should not only inform themselves about the nature and husbandry of their future pet, but also about typical diseases of the breed. Because with this type of cat there is a disease that occurs more frequently.

What diseases are there in this breed?

Turkish angora is susceptible to autosomal recessive ataxia. This disease is a generic term for different disorders in the area of ​​movement coordination.

If the ataxia occurs, it already does in small cats. Once grown up, the animal can no longer get autosomal recessive ataxia. If a Turkish Angora kitten suffers from this disease, it will be very difficult for her to walk and she will need lifelong caring owners and keeping conditions adapted to their limitations. But this is not the only disease for which the Turkish angora is susceptible.

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Other possible diseases

In addition, the Turkish Angora is prone to hearing loss, deafness and balance problems. However, only white animals are affected by this vulnerability. Because this vulnerability is not race-related, but a specific problem of color.

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