Cat stomping back legs

Cat stomping back legs

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Cat stomping back legs into place, hands in her pockets. "I don't think I can do this. I need my mum. I can't go to the police, can I? I know it's a long shot. But I really need to get away from here, now. Is there any way you can help me?"

I don't know what to say to this. It's too bizarre to even think about right now. I'm not going to tell her I can get her mum on the phone in a few minutes.

"I could ring the school, but I don't think they'll be willing to help. I tried to tell them, but they wouldn't listen."

"If they won't listen to me, maybe they'll listen to you. You might be able to get them to talk to me, if you just went to the headteacher and told them what's going on."

"No, I couldn't do that. Please don't ask me to do that. Please don't ask me to get her mum on the phone for you. I don't think she'd like it."

"I don't think your mum would either, but we have to try. It's our only hope right now. I think your mum needs to be in hospital, but that's what we need to sort out first. Will you go to the police?"

"What would I tell them?"

"Tell them what's happening to you, that your dad is a lunatic."

"They'd never believe me."

"I don't know. I do think it's worth a try."

"I'm so sorry for everything that's happened to you, Emma."

I look up at her and see the genuine pity in her eyes.

"Thank you."

"But it's really my fault too. I should never have brought you here."

"No, it's not your fault. It's not any of our faults. It's just one of those things, one of those things that happens to people, that just happens. I mean, you could have just ignored me. But you didn't. You brought me here, to the school, and you cared enough to do it. I'm glad you did."

She nods, looking at her feet. "So, can you help me? Can you get me the police and your mum, right now?"

"I can try, but it's going to take a while."

"I can wt."

"You can't. You need to be at home, in case your dad comes back, and it would be best if you were home by yourself, if he does come back. You can't go back to the house with him."

"But I have no money, no phone, no nothing. How am I supposed to get home?"

"I'll take you to a payphone and then you can phone your mum. We can meet her, if you want. I'll give you a lift. We'll talk to her together."

She shakes her head. "I can't let you do that. I couldn't let you do that. Please don't. It's too dangerous."

"I'll tell you what. You can sit here and wt for me. You can sit here, in the middle of all of this. I'll call the police for you. You'll have to stay right here. But I'll get a police car to come to you, as soon as I can. Okay?"

She nods, tears starting in her eyes. I wonder if she'll be able to go through with this. She's clearly having a hard time with all of this, and I know she doesn't want to put herself in any more danger than she already has, but she's going to have to. I have no other choice.

"Thank you. Thank you so much."

She stands up and wipes her face. She walks slowly around the bench, looking down at the ground.

"Is it okay if I sit here for a bit?"

"Sure. I think that's probably best, though. I don't want you to get up, and get tired. You should be as fresh as you can for the call you'll have to make."

She's shaking, still, but she nods, and sits back down.

"So I should just leave now?" she asks.

"Yep. You'll see a payphone in about ten minutes. Don't leave. I'll find you. And stay calm. Stay calm for me, okay?"

She nods. "Okay."

"I'm going to put my hands in my pockets, so you won't see them. If you see any other kids, it's going to look like I'm just walking around here, wting for my mum."

She nods. I get up, walk to the other end of the playground, and put my hands in my pockets.

* * *

I'm back at the phone box in about ten minutes.

"Okay, here we go," I say.

She's shaking. She's crying.

"Okay," I say agn. "I'm going to ring now."

I open the door to the phone box, and wt for her to pick up the receiver.

"Mum? Mum?" I say into the phone.

"I don't know what to do, Emma. He's taken over the house. I think I'm going to have to come home, now. He won't let me leave. I'm at the house now. I've been trying to make him see reason, but he won't listen. I don't know what else to do. I can't just leave him here with you and Daniel. He won't hear reason. He won't do what he needs to do. You've got to help me, Emma. You've got to stop him. Please, Emma. You've got to stop him. Call the police. Call the police, and have

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