Finished strike dogs for sale

Finished strike dogs for sale

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Finished strike dogs for sale and other things that make one scratch their head

If you are wondering where your head is, it is in the right place. This is

the "new" section, where things are discussed that people are just now

discovering. (Yes, we get lots of these.)

To add something new, just eml your

contribution to the following address:

If you have something that is

of the utmost interest to dog lovers, let us know and we'll help you bring

the idea into the world. (Eml us at: [email protected])

If you've got something to

say about a dog that has made your jaw drop, your heart ache, your wallet

wobble or something else that has brought you to tears (or something else

for that matter) drop us a note. We'd love to hear it.

Now, as a general rule

a "bitch" is usually female dog, not so sure about a "dog." So

what is it we are discussing? We'll have to find out by asking a few


* Does he sleep on a

"couch," or on a bed or in a crate?* Can

he jump onto and off furniture?* Can he pull off a tie?*

Do you feel safe leaving him in his crate alone for an

hour or two?* Can you walk by a dog and

it doesn't greet you with friendly kisses?*

Does he sleep with his nose on your

foot, and if so, how often?* Are you free to

take him home, or should you go look for a dog with

plenty of experience and a track record?*

I'm sure you can find at least one

or two questions that apply to your particular situation.

I was given him as a gift from my

parents, they also gave me two dogs as a gift. They didn't think I could

take care of three dogs.

A dog's first question is, will you

trn me? After that is, where do I eat, will I be left alone all day

and where will I have free roam of the house?

We always had two dogs, when we

got a new dog, we took a break. My husband and I both had careers and

we had our kids young. We were tired out every day.

The first couple of months I took

a break because of the kids.

Once our youngest daughter was

married, the kids had a schedule, she was gone, at least two hours

each night. My husband did not like that I would go stay with

friends when the girls and I had a day off.

You see, I had three dogs at

home. Three dogs meant a lot of time to be trned and socialized.

It meant one, not a single moment of solitude. We always had

them out in the yard, even the young one who had no idea what a

dog was was out in the yard and he always had people watching his

behaviors. He was taught to be obedient.

When our oldest daughter was six

years old, her brother was two, I went back to work. My youngest was

seven at the time, the oldest, seventeen. I still had my dog out

and about in the yard.

I used to have a big yard.

I'm a bit behind on this, but I had

a house with a yard that was about a quarter of an acre and I had

it fenced in. It was just outside the fence, they would ride the

bicycle and they could go for hours.

I was gone three hours most

days. I was busy all day and I didn't have time to trn. I went to

the dog class when I could. I also trned the young one in the

yard. When they were five they were taken out. By the time they were

eight and the oldest was seventeen, they were both taken out.

That house is still there. I

still have the old ones out. In the spring, they would come back

into the yard. I would spend another hour after my husband got home

and took the younger one to her friends and then I would spend an

hour with the one I still had out in the yard.

It was not a lot of time to

trn them. It was just a couple of hours a day that they knew how

to obey.

In the last couple of years,

this has changed. I have been a stay-at-home mom and my younger

daughter goes off to school with her younger brother and

I was so blessed to find a

job that I enjoy and was able to provide for my family. I have

always been an animal lover, but I had never been much of a horse

person. I wanted to make sure that if they had to be

gone, I wanted to know. I also didn't want to see them

in the auction.

I went to see a horse that

I wanted. I would have bought that horse for my daughter. My

daughter wanted that horse. I was offered a lease, and I took it.

She was only a two and a half year old. I was looking for an

exercise rider. The girl who was with her seemed like the one for

me. She was an old lady, but she had a lot of energy.

So for two and a half years,

we rode and we had a lot of fun and they became a great

bond. They were inseparable. They were together for

hundreds of hours. She loved him as her horse. She

taught him his lessons and she showed him his tricks. She

gave him hugs and kisses, and she would sing and dance with him.

He would follow her everywhere she went, and that is when she

found out that he had arthritis. He was very lame on the hind

quarters. She found out he was blind in one eye, and she

didn't know how bad. His other eye was blind, but she

knew he could see. It's amazing that a two and a half year old

can understand what's going on with someone they've been with

from the very beginning. It was important to her to

make sure that he was loved and taken care of. She would walk

him, and he would stop, and she would give him kisses. She

would sing to him, and dance for him, and he would follow her.

He was her whole world, and she was his. She loved him

as her own child.

When they were a year old, we

took them to Dr. Doss. He diagnosed her with arthritis

and she had three things happen:

#1-Her arthritis was

treated with medication.

#2-She was taken off of

her work, and given time to rest and to


#3-She had someone to

take care of the horse while she was away.

This was very important to

her, because she felt like he was her child. She wanted to

give him love and nurture, and help him, and to heal him. She

came home to find he was not well. There were sores on his

belly and he was limping.

Dr. Doss put him on

medication, and the vet gave him antibiotics. It was at

this time that he was found to

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