Dog crate for ford ecosport

Dog crate for ford ecosport

I have a ford ecosport and the dogs crate just isn't quite long enough. i cant fit it under the seat, i cant buy a 2nd crate because its the only crate that i can fit in the car and it doesnt have the side door in the back like a regular crate.

I really dont want to buy a crate that fits on the roof but is still not long enough (my dog gets bored in the back after a while anyway).

i also don't think my ford ecosport has the room to get a 2nd crate in the rear because the seat folds down and a lot of room is taken up by that.

Any thoughts on making a crate for my car to fit my dog that he wont escape?

The last time i was going to get a puppy i just got on the crate bandwagon and was happy because i never wanted to get another puppy. i wanted my first crate to be with me all the time. i had heard that this was not true but i didnt want to risk it. i knew dogs are a huge part of your life and wanted to be able to cuddle and love my new baby more than anything.

This was in the days before the babyproofing trend and i did not know what i was in for.

My first crate went great and we had a blast together but now i regret it because he did his best to break out of it and it took 3 days and constant time in and out of the crate to get him back into his new routine. i think the idea of leaving a baby in a crate to comfort them on the inside is a good idea if you do it right.

I love my dog but i never thought of him as a baby before this because i would put him in a different room in the house when i left him because he was "my" baby. I did a lot of things that just arent done in my generation and he was not my first or second (i had 3 pets before he came) so this was a new thing for me. i guess he didnt like his new home and im sure i was a pretty scary experience for him and this is why i want to make sure he knows he is safe with me and isnt going to get hurt.

i do not think he understands how important he is to me and i think that is why he broke out of his crate. i dont think he knew that he was going to be an adopted baby to me so i am going to work on that.

I am now thinking about making a "baby room" in our den for my dogs and i do not want to leave them in the crate when i go into the den so i am going to talk to the breeder and see if she can give me some advice.

So my question is this: what is a crate good for when your trying to get them used to being with you. I want to make sure they have a secure place to go when i leave them. I dont want to leave them outside and i dont want to let them in our bedroom because our bedroom is way too small to hold a crate.

My breeder told me the crate is great for getting them used to the noises around them, like the car driving by, having a door and walls closing, as well as the sounds of different rooms, but she did not say anything about it making it easier for them to be with me. She told me it would help teach them they are part of the family.

I dont know if my other two dogs are as "used to being with me" as this baby is, and if they are why do they not like being in the house?

Oh and btw I really like the room you made for your dog so thanks for the help.

It really depends on how independent the dog is. If the dog is not very independent, than a crate can be a huge help. Sometimes even if the dog is a little more independent, a crate is still a good thing to put them in for long periods of time, but just have the crate in the place where you will be by the dog so they will not be scared to go to you. (If the dog is in their crate for long periods of time, its a good idea to put on the crate a bed that will be easy for them to get into if they wake up, and maybe the crate pad can be set up for them to use.)

The last thing I can say to you, is that it may take some time to get the dog used to the crate and the noises around it. They may be a little afrd of it initially. If you are worried about your dog being in the crate when you leave, than you may want to consider putting a baby gate up so the dog can get to the crate and then they can follow you out. That way your dog can be in the crate but have access to the rest of the house. This may not be practical all of the time, and is mostly if the dog is really afrd of the crate and the loud noises that will wake them.

We have a friend who had a dog who she left on her couch all day for up to a month or so at a time. She sd it was a good thing, because the dog was getting lots of attention while she was at work.

But of course, its only the very best for you if you can leave them all alone all day!

It really depends on the dog. Some are happy to be left alone. Others just prefer to be by themselves. But agn, my friend who left her dog alone all day sd it was a big help, because she just had to worry about cleaning the house and making sure that the dog had food, water, and a comfortable place to sleep and rest.

I'm a working mother of 3 kids. No baby anymore, but boy do they have plenty of energy. I've found that I have the most trouble leaving them alone when I'm running late in the morning or when I'm sick. I also have trouble when I'm just not feeling well. I don't want to lay around the house feeling sick. But I don't want my kids to have to.

So when it's cold outside or rny (the latter is the worst for me), I'll put the kid's beds up in the laundry room or the basement and lay down there, then take a quick nap or lie around and not go anywhere until they wake up.

At the last minute though I do what my MIL did when we were little and leave 2 of my 3 kids with one other family member. My two are pretty mature and I'd have to be dead not to trust them to behave. But my three year old absolutely would be totally freaked out to be left with someone she knows nothing about. So its up to you to find a relative

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