Can dogs smell carbon monoxide

Can dogs smell carbon monoxide

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Can dogs smell carbon monoxide?


According to Wikipedia's article on canine olfaction, "although [dogs] can certnly smell a scent or chemical that is close to a gas, their perception of the gas concentration is much less than that of humans. It has been estimated that a dog's sense of smell is approximately 50 times less sensitive than that of a human, but may be up to ten times more sensitive than the average human." So in other words, dogs don't smell carbon monoxide. They may smell the smell of carbon monoxide, but the concentration isn't high enough for them to sense it. They may sniff out smells that are related to the carbon monoxide concentration, but it's not as good a sense as ours.

The article also says that carbon monoxide levels over 10 parts per million are usually detected. You'll see the range in the chart below:



Dogs can't smell carbon monoxide, that's what happens to the human olfactory sense. It's very hard to smell carbon monoxide because the compound is very volatile, and because the human olfactory sense is not very sensitive, it requires very high concentrations of the gas to be noticed.

At normal atmospheric concentrations, humans would be unable to notice the gas.

If there was a chemical that could be smelled by dogs, it would be the scent of carbon monoxide itself. It would be like the scent of a gas that we can't smell.


No, dogs don't have this sense.

Here's a discussion on the question and answer website Biology.SE on the topic:

This is probably why you don't hear about dogs sniffing out gas leaks. They can't sense it.


Dogs have very good olfactory senses, but they have problems smelling certn gases.

The problem in human noses is that the receptors in our nasal passages are too sensitive.

You can find a short and somewhat humorous explanation of why dogs can't smell gas at the BBC article:


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