Great Dane attitude: A lot of space is important

Great Dane attitude: A lot of space is important

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With the Tibetan mastiff it is possible to keep it as a guard, farm or family dog. Due to their size and their special character, a lot should be considered. Is there enough space? An important question before buying a Tibetan mastiff - Image: Shutterstock / Sergey Lavrentev

With a shoulder height of up to 66 cm, the Tibetan mastiff is a very large dog that also loves to be outdoors. The four-legged friend from Tibet feels most comfortable in a posture with house and garden or in a yard.

Posture with lots of free running and fenced garden

Even in the cold, the dog with the thick, thick fur likes to be outdoors and should be able to meet this need in order to be able to show a balanced nature. In the country or on the outskirts it is in good hands, but less so in the city. Lots of space and a garden are irreplaceable for this four-legged friend. It is best to fence in a garden, because the freedom-loving dog is known for being happy to go on tour on its own. In addition, its protective and guard instinct are so pronounced that a warning sign for visitors is usually a good idea.

Walks with the dominant dog

The freedom-loving Tibetan mastiff is a fan of long, long walks that should be regularly on the program. Hikes through a wide variety of terrain are also entirely in your interest. A little caution is advised when encountering other dogs, especially males, because the Tibetan mastiff is a fairly dominant dog. In any case, she should be very well socialized and educated and should always be kept on a leash when in doubt.

The Tibetan mastiff as a family member

Family connection is important to her, but that doesn't mean that she wants to be cuddled all day. The independent dog sometimes needs his time for himself and prefers to decide for himself when to go at a distance.

Great Dane: Large dog with a lion's mane

The four-legged friend enjoys a healthy diet, play units and regular grooming with the brush.

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