Sloths enjoy bathing time

Sloths enjoy bathing time

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Well, but these are a few magical little fellows: Bathing time is popular with the baby sloths in this video and they seem to like that very much. Look how good the cute animal kids are!

"Oh again Wednesday? Then bathing time is probably in our diary", the blissful sloth babies seem to think and are very fond of being put in their transport basket. They relax in the warm water and can be washed comfortably by the keepers.

Afterwards, the little ones are rinsed in a healthy water-plant mixture so that they stay nice and clean and free from parasites. Then it is time to dry, which the hearty baby animals like to use for climbing and "hanging out" in the sun. And at the end, of course, a reward should not be missing: Your favorite flowers, which for her are like chocolate, are served before the daily schedule of what sloths like to do best: rest and take a nap.

Ten cuddly sloths are fine

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