Travel with the cat: tips for the ferry

Travel with the cat: tips for the ferry

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Can't imagine yourself on vacation without being your cat? Traveling with pets is not always easy. Abnormal modes of transport, such as a ferry, can be a problem. Important for the journey by ferry: A safe transport box - Image: Shutterstock / eAlisa

Therefore: Before you book a ferry trip with your cat, you should carefully inform yourself about the transport conditions. This way you avoid stress during the trip - or that the trip even has to be stopped completely. This can happen, for example, if a ferry line allows animal transport only in the designated cabins and they are already fully booked.

Traveling by ferry: fees for your pet are possible

It is nice if you do not have to hand in your cat when boarding the ferry, but the animal can be carried on deck in a transport basket. On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that your darling may then be considered an extra piece of luggage and fees may apply. A surcharge that some pet owners may be happy to pay if they know their darling in good hands, namely their own.

As an alternative, separate animal rooms are also available on some ferries for accommodation. With some of these, however, the access for the owners during the journey is limited or not possible - you should be prepared for this and consider whether your cat can handle it. After all, traveling can be quite stressful for pets.

Your cat wants to be looked after - even while traveling

No matter what type of accommodation you choose: You are responsible for catering for your cat even when you are out and about. The usual cat food, a beloved blanket or any necessary medication should therefore be in every animal lover's luggage. This applies to short ferry trips as well as those that take several hours. You can find detailed information for your route on the homepage of the respective provider.

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