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Joint problems in cats: how to prevent them

Movement pain, joint problems, even arthritis - cats can, like us humans, suffer from bone loss at an advanced age. You can prevent this with simple means so that it doesn't get that far. Joint problems can be prevented through diet, for example - Image: Shutterstock / Natata

Arthritis is a problem that not only we humans know. Bones break down in old age and even become porous - joint pain is the result. Cats can also suffer from this aging disease. But there are simple measures you can take to save your pet from this suffering.

When domestic tigers reach the age of twelve, many of the fluffy friends suffer from joint problems, cartilage breakdown and joint wear. This is expressed primarily in the form of movement pain in animals and humans. But even if you can't stop the time, arthritis can be slowed down.

Strengthen bones: supplement cat food

An important part of prevention is nutrition. If your cat is getting old, spoil it with special senior food or supplement your daily diet - preferably in consultation with the veterinarian - with appropriate nutritional supplements. For example, products that contain green-lipped mussel extract or glucosamines are often recommended. These support the limbs and make you strong.

If your cat is overweight, you must pay particular attention to the diet. Because a few grams too much restrict mobility and in turn increase your pet's likelihood of developing osteoarthritis. So pay attention to the weight of your favorite from the outset - this saves the animal a lot of pain in old age and costs itself a lot.

Joint problems due to insufficient movement

Exercise is also essential for domestic cats. Therefore, from the start, make sure that your pet is not only ready to cuddle, but also has enough incentives to move: toys, cat lovers and, of course, nature are the best methods here , Because even if a cat does not need its daily walk like a dog - exercise is also important for kitties.

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