Cat 3126 fuel pressure regulator

Cat 3126 fuel pressure regulator

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Cat 3126 fuel pressure regulator

I have an older cat 3126 fuel pressure regulator. It has an inlet tube and an outlet tube.

Is it safe to use the tank inlet and outlet as the feed for a pressure regulator?


Most pressure regulators on fuel pressure regulators will have an inlet and outlet that are identical, but it is not always safe.

This regulator looks like a typical pressure regulator. The difference is on the top, the input tube has a valve on the bottom that will control the input pressure of the regulator.

This regulator does not have a valve on the input, and if you were to use the regulator with a high pressure system, the input could burst.

This pressure regulator is meant to be used with low pressure fuel pumps, and it does not have a diaphragm in it, which is why the input does not have a valve.

If you have a fuel pressure regulator that has a diaphragm in it, it is safe to use an inlet and an outlet with the same pressure, however if you use a fuel pressure regulator that does not have a diaphragm, it is not recommended.

It is always better to have a pressure regulator that has the diaphragm in it. This will protect the pressure regulator from damage. You can buy them for around $15.

The regulator you have is also meant to be used with low pressure fuel pumps, and not high pressure pumps. They are made to go from 1.0 - 3.0 psi. It is not safe to use them with high pressure pumps, and the fuel pressure could rupture the regulator.


Yes, if you can get away with the slightly lower pressure.

It's the same principle that you can run a gas pump from a garden hose, rather than a gasoline pump. A gasoline pump has valves on the sides and so you can only run it at high pressure. But a gas pump works at very low pressure.

A fuel pressure regulator uses a flexible diaphragm instead of a valve, which means that it can be adjusted to run from 1.0 - 3.0 psi, and also has no restriction at all on the input. It will not work as a gas pump though.

Your regulator will not work with a high pressure system. I don't know what the limits on your pump is, but if it's over that limit, you could get a small puncture in the line and cause a disaster.


Yes, assuming the input and output pressure is the same.

Your fuel pressure regulator is a good regulator to use with a high pressure pump.

This is because they are designed to work with a very small amount of energy to keep the fuel at a constant pressure.

Your regulator is also very useful when the fuel pump is either on a very large amount of fuel or very high pressure. Your regulator is very reliable and robust compared to other types of fuel pressure regulator.

Another factor that makes them a good regulator for a high pressure pump is that their design is such that they are able to operate safely with higher fuel pressure (up to 7 psi).

Here's what one looks like:

Note that these regulators use high pressure fuel from a common rail system, where the pressure is regulated with a control valve.

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