Dentley's dog chews

Dentley's dog chews

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Dentley's dog chews off its owners' nose

A nine-month-old dog was bitten on the face and nose on Tuesday after a fight broke out between the pooch and owner over the pet's chewing habits.

The victim was bitten in the nose and face on Tuesday afternoon, and has since been taken to King Edward Memorial Hospital in Durban.

“It's just tragic that a child should get involved. He's nine months and still being so aggressive,” sd a distraught neighbour of the family who found the dog in their back garden, fighting.

He sd it was the first time he had seen the family dog as he regularly sees the mother dog, which the children had been taking care of.

The neighbour sd he found the dog fighting another one that was barking, when the second dog pulled its owner, who was holding the nine-month-old in her hands, down on the ground, causing the baby to fall.

The neighbour added that when he intervened, the owner of the dog, aged in her thirties, started biting him, causing him to drop her.

“I was very aggressive. I thought I might be attacked. My friends are very afrd because he is very strong. It's always happening with the woman. My wife calls me to intervene, but I think this time I was lucky to survive,” he sd.

He sd the woman’s husband was the father of the baby who was bitten by the dog.

The victim, now in the hospital, is stable.

The SPCA was notified of the incident and is on the case.

The dog, which has been described as a medium-sized dog and a brown and black pitbull, has been seized by the SPCA.

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